Lets hear how your PC's performing with Win 10 vs Win 7 .

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    meebers said: View Post
    W10 appears somewhat faster than my W7 machine, but I attribute that to a difference in hardware. I am forcing myself to using W10 on a day to day basis, but in the end I often revert to the W7 machine. It just feels better . The start menu screen on W10 I just HATE, HATe, HAte, Hate, looks unprofessional sort of an arcade screen on a kids gaming screen. The old control panel was somewhat easier to use, the new one takes way more effort for me at least. You would think that by this time, MS would have the conversion completed to the new style, its sort of half and half at present. Same for EDGE, it is just klunky, I only use it for browsing, use FF for all other tasks. It just needs a lot more work IMHO. But I keep reminding myself to "go with the flow".
    Yesterday I switched back from Win10 to Win7, clean install. Win7 is loading faster and running faster but that's to be expected with a clean install, over time they slow down unless one performs "maintenance" such as cleaning out the cache, etc.
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  2.    06 Aug 2017 #72

    The problem, at least for me is Microsoft has taken a completely new direction with Windows 10, an operating system as a service and not just an operating system controlled by the user. Microsoft is famous for relying on number of users data as opposed to actual real user feedback (they have no such feedback system set up) to determine how "popular" their operating systems are. The problem with that approach to determining "popularity" is the typical clueless user who doesn't know there are alternatives and will live/deal with anything Microsoft force feeds them even though they may not like it.
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  3.    08 Aug 2017 #73

    Hey Everyone!

    Haven't been active for some time but now, I feel I just have to chime in and vent my Frustrations with W10 Creators Update.

    First, a bit of history regarding the topic.

    I have two notebooks that I play with:

    One is a workstation from Eurocom {Scorpius 2012}
    Windows 7 SP1 and updated.
    Two AMD GPUs {8970, 4 Gigs of memory each}
    16 Gigs of RAM {1600 MHz}
    Intel SSD 480 Gigs {half full}
    Intel i7 core 2.8 Gig {PC i7 , not notebook i7}

    Second is a brand new MSI GT73VR 7RE Titan. with W10
    {Look up specs here: GT73VR 7RE Titan | Laptops - The best gaming laptop provider | MSI Global

    The second notebook has a NvMe SSD M.2 from Samsung.

    Now, from boot times on the Scorpius {14 to 16 seconds} to the new AND faster SSD on W10,
    there is a difference of 16 to 20 seconds Slower!!. I just couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this.

    Yes, I went through the OS and disabled as much as possible without affecting it's good functionality.
    I have also deleted all the crap that came with the MSI notebook {which wasn't much really} and
    ran through Black Viper's recommended process changes.

    Still, this thing just won't boot faster. Boot aside, I also have to mention how many processes are running
    on W10 compared to W7. Almost double on W10 and for what??

    I bought this new notebook specifically for gaming. The nVidia 1070 makes it ideal for coming

    I am presently playing the CoD 4 Remastered and a few more that Shouldn't tax this system anymore
    than any other similar games but, I get hesitations of a few miliseconds that does affect game play and
    it is Very frustrating.
    I have played these same games on my other notebook and No hesitations at all.

    I have to tell you, this is Not what I was expecting from MS. This is so bad that I will in the very near
    future revert back to W7 on this new notebook as well. If this is what MS thinks is going forward then.
    I will stay in the past or try out Linux which I don't like to think about but, if this is the way MS keeps
    going then, I will most definitely go in that direction.

    This OS is very bad for gamers and i suspect, not that good for the regular user either.

    Rant Over {for now}.

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  4.    08 Aug 2017 #74

    For an OS with so much service hosts I believe mine has over 50 instances of svchost.exe, it's very stable and has never given me memory leaks even after 23 days and 18 hours of uptime and counting. I'll update my Windows updates on the 15th of August though since I do my updates on a monthly basis.

    Click image for larger version. 

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  5.    09 Aug 2017 #75

    Most of the time I have at least two OS's an same computer and can compare their performance objectively. I compared two systems from W98 to XP, XP to W7, W7 to W(/8.1 and now have W7 and W10. Each one on it's own SSD.
    At the beginning of each new version, it was slower than previous one but as proper drivers and/or BIOS versions were developed newer OS became faster and better. Right now, W7 takes almost twice as long to BOOT but running same benchmark shows very slight advantage to W10. W7 is in very pure state with only some games installed and no unnecessary startups while W10 has bunch of them. Neither are slow to start with W10 taking about 17 seconds and W7 some 30 seconds. Some of that difference can be attributed to dual BOOT as the disk with W10 is primary and UEFI is on it and also has BOOT menu on it. So difference is actually even less. What W10 excels in is multicore and memory handling but that's not very visible in benchmark tests although those are most visible differences. Real difference shows at running large and complicated programs where free memory and more cores are used so for instance Handbrake works and finishes faster on W10 by a good margin. Another thing is that W10 requires less maintenance so sometime is saved at that too.
    If I found that W7 was in any way better at performance, roles would be reversed and W7 would be my primary OS.
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  6.    09 Aug 2017 #76

    Thanks for the report Mike. I tend to agree with you. There are lots of people who insist 10 is slower than 7 but I believe they did an in-place upgrade which is prone to so many issues. You only have to look at posts on this forum. I think after an upgrade from 7, people should do a clean format.
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    swarfega said: View Post
    Thanks for the report Mike. I tend to agree with you. There are lots of people who insist 10 is slower than 7 but I believe they did an in-place upgrade which is prone to so many issues. You only have to look at posts on this forum. I think after an upgrade from 7, people should do a clean format.
    Yes but for other reasons too. Older OS gets "dirtied" after a time and also tends to keep some old drivers when just upgraded.
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  8.    09 Aug 2017 #78

    Good point.
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  9.    09 Aug 2017 #79

    I have moved from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 on a brand new pc What a relief,Windows 10 is a very good guidance system
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