I have this weird issue that started when I upgraded to Windows 10. Whenever I open a program or in some cases an explorer window my mouse will freeze up for about half a second, as if the hard drive is bottle necked very briefly. I have two drives in my laptop, an SSD and a regular 750 GB hard drive. My mouse will freeze regardless of the drive that the program that is being opened is located on. This also occurs with a few specific explorer and Windows related tasks.

For example, when closing the task manager or emptying the recycling bin, the mouse does this freezing action, and while this is not a super serious issue it is rather irritating and sometimes the mouse will freeze even if there is no warrant for it. I could be simply browsing the web and it will lock up for a second. Looking at the task manager, there the HDD activity only goes up to 40-50% in some cases, so it is very annoying since there seems to be no apparent cause for this behaviour.

I have no reason to believe my drives are failing since they both check out just fine in benchmark and diagnostic programs such as AS SSD, CrystalDiskInfo and HDTune, I'm just really eager to know what could cause these mini mouse freezes. I don't believe it's a total system lock up since I could be playing music in the background and the music won't stop playing, but I'm still curious to know if anyone has had this issue and might have any information on what could be a possible precipitant.