Question about compressing drive to save space

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    Question about compressing drive to save space

    Is there any significant performance hit from doing it on an SSD drive?
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    Why would you? Not every bit of data can be compressed.
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    I certainly don't need the space that is true.

    But I'm going over every possible option so as to understand how things work.
    See unchecked box near bottom.

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    I would say compression only makes sense on certain folders where read and write times are not an issue like say a folder full of .txt files or a folder that gets very little use as the computer has to decompress/compress the file structure each time and there is overhead involved.

    I would not really compress the whole drive and definitely not C:\ there is safeguards in place but its still not worth doing the whole drive for several reasons.
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    With that much space available, why would you want to compress data? Majority of the data out there is already compressed. Compression is meant for certain types of data like documents, spreadsheets, databases. Media files, encrypted, compiled programs cannot be compressed because they have already gone through a compression process.
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    Don't use ancient NTFS compression specially on an SSD drive. You will shorten its lifespam (constant writing).

    Open a cmd window and use compact command instead:

    compact /compactos:always

    compact /c /a /i /s /exe:xpress16k "C:\Program files\(x86)"\*

    compact /c /a /i /s /exe:xpress16k "C:\Program files"\*
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    CompactOS is good for files that are not being written to and are readonly.

    The old method LZNT1 is good for most cases. Overall though imo you should avoid using compression unless you need to or at least understand fully what can happen and also what the overall goal of using it in the first place is for.

    Just think like this if it was a good idea overall then it would be default logic when you install the OS and in turn each time you install an app or migrate something. Outside of that its for use case and you need to understand it.
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    Many years ago in the days of MSDOS lots of compression was used and msdos its self had it built in it was a lot quicker back then as the disk was slow and reading compressed meant less reads. its still possible it could speed up the system it would depend on the data it would still be quicker reading from disk and depending on cpu etc it may speed it up
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    Back when floppy disks and small hard drives where common and computers where oddball in nature sure and the filesystem was more primitive but now we are NT and massive amounts of storage space.

    We also have things like caching and indexing and other things and the components inside the computers are lighting fast i don't think compression is warranted as much now days.

    I will admit that i don't know all the math to it as there a lot to it but i know enough of it to know that its not really that big of a deal unless you want to be anal but what is the point? when we have TB of space?

    I was a 90s kid so i saw the overlap, my first hard drive was a Quantum 8mb that was Black and had a cutout edge on one corner were the controller was.
    Like 8mb man i think sure Compression was needed back then but also the software on the computers was small too most of the time.

    I think now its a catch 22 like no real gain and potential for problems.
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    Thanks to all who answered.
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