Hi, I am trying to fix an error of HP diagnostics not working.

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    Windows 11 Pro (latest update ... forever anal)

    JoshuaM said:
    i am sorry, but i think it is due to windows update .... I cannot buy a new computer system
    I don't know how you can identify this as an update problem. Your posts have demonstrated tinkering, tampering and interfering (often incorrectly) at so many inappropriate levels that you've compromised your system

    You don't need a new computer, just do a clean (re)install of Windows 10, free, gratis, no cost.

    That's the best I can offer. I wish you luck.
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    i just installed a free firewall and antivirus when mcafee expired.it looks like i mostly removed mcafee, but kept some small part of it. i have removed some windows updates since the support installed them without asking me when i asked him to help with MS Edge. It seems recommended that i am not supposed to install some of those (like drivers) by windows update. i found hardware and software errors in the event log. the firewall might be on a manual setting. i wonder if i need to do something like this: How to move Windows 10 to an SSD | Digital Trends or if that is too complicated. i do not want to have to uninstall all the programs again and everything. almost everything that is not windows is on the secondary hard drive, but the secondary hard drive has more space. Theorectically, it may be able to be partitioned, but i am not sure if i can move WIndows completely to the secondary hard drive, then somehow fix this problem. i do not understand it completely. there are problems like permissions, so windows will not give me permissions to access certain programs, and some parts seem to be like it doesn't detect hardware, and maybe references to driver issues at some point. that is why i removed updates provided by microsoft. Potential issues with trying to move all windows files to the secondary hard drive can also possibly cause the whole system to mess up. All of the programming must connect in order to move Windows to the other hard drive.

    some part needs to be removed in order to install other pieces. maybe to run some of those tests. i wonder if they must be done differently and if that partitioning is necessary.

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    okay, so i found that part of what is taking up memory is also iphone backups, so i deleted an old backup. i also copied the latest one to the other internal drive. How can I properly direct windows to that directory? Perhaps that can be done prior to trying to partition and move windows, and i can do these tests that have been suggested. I read about MKLINK, but i think i did something more simple with Documents and Downloads before.

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    i probably can run those tests advised since i was able to make space on the hard drive. i would like to request that help about moving the itunes folder. i recalled that also i had updated windows, and i am not sure if it was the same time the support agent helped me or the date before. It caused the desktop icons to disappear, and windows gave an error message saying something like it didn't start correctly, and gave me some option; probably to restart it. Then it did, and the icons were all there. So the permissions may have messed up on either update. I would like to troubleshoot, but i am willing to perform those tests. I just would like to move files. I can see that itunes backups are taking up too much space. I saw the event log was showing permissions problems and did not detect work with some attached hardware, probably driver references, and reference to some key files. i would like to go step by step if possible.
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    JoshuaM said:
    Their diagnostics stopped working in windows after...
    I understand this pretty well. Please don't think I'm lazy but I don't see what's the app / device, etc failing on your system, and after reading several posts... doesn't seem like the best idea to keep searching.

    I entirely agree with idgat:
    idgat said:
    Too many instances in contents to quote and answer each one. Suffice it to say ....
    - proprietary programs for monitoring/checking software/hardware are a waste of time and often cause more problems.

    @JoshuaM, I've had multiple computers, and never, not once, HP diagnostic software became useful for anything, even the times when there was a hardware or HP software issue, their app couldn't detect anything, and only made me waste time on restarts, installs, and the usual "update everything", so I suggest the old and traditional review of specifics: HDD, memory, etc, but still, is there a problem with your computer???? sometimes a fresh install REMOVING bloatware (useless software coming from the vendors) is the way to go, and you end up with more available resources (disk, memory, cpu, etc).

    Options? you could try installing Windows 10 on a different drive. If this is not possible for you due to not having extra drives, try a virtual machine (yes, I know, but wait), and then try ventoy moving your VM (virtual disk) to a big enough USB or drive, and boot from there, you can search for details around this, it saves you from buying or using an extra hard drive, and it's very different from those tools installing Windows on USB. It's a direct virtualization with your full original hardware.
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    i cleared the space since itunes backups were taking up space. I used the mklink /j command to do so. In zbook's steps, the only things I haven't really done are as follows: uninstalled security software, update bios, run void tools. i can try those to see if they help. specifically maybe the net framework repair tool, due to the error code references. Windows may not need to be moved to the secondary hard drive where many files had been moved already. It is about 47 GB free on the main HD right now.

    i've read that bios updates can be helpful in regards to software/hardware conflicts and certain bugs, but it would be important to disable bitlocker.
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    Windows 11 Pro (latest update ... forever anal)

    JoshuaM said:
    i've read that bios updates can be helpful in regards to software/hardware conflicts and certain bugs
    Not if your OS is in such a mess from inappropriate/irrelevant attempts to get out of trouble

    , but it would be important to disable bitlocker.
    Bitlocker has nothing to do with BIOS. And has nothing to do with the total and utter mess you have gotten your OS into.

    6 days since your first post and you're still looking for "tricks" to get your system out of the mess it's in.
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    windows 10 64 bit
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    BIOS update and NET framework repair have been previously recommended in this thread.
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