Hi, I recently upgraded to windows 10 from 8.1, and I noticed that when I clicked the volume button on the lower right hand corner to change the volume, it would take 2-5 clicks and about 5 seconds for it to open. Then to day for some reason it decided it was not going to open, so I tried changing the volume manually with keyboard shortcuts (Fn + volume +) and it worked. A bit later it muted itself, for no reason! I was in the middle of my game so I couldn't do squat, then I tried decreasing the screen brightness and it didn't work! The little image at the top left where you see it move up and down shows but it doesn't move, the volume rocker one moves but the sound is still muted! I thought it might be because I've been putting off the update for 2 days so I clicked on the action center to update, but it didn't open! (isn't opening actually,) so I wanted to open the settings menu from the start screen, but that isn't opening either!! This is VERY frustrating and it makes me want to b**** slap Microsoft for including such animations that DON'T LOAD PROPERLY!

Even when I wake my laptop it takes like 10 seconds for it to load the new freaking wallpaper, how do I remove that by the way? The old one was fine, why did you change it??

Is there any way to fix this from happening again? I'm sure a restart of my laptop will fix the issue and I will be able to work, but the thing is, restarting every day after a few hours of use will be quite annoying.