In reading this, be aware that my computer received updated KB5023696 on 3/14 this month, and Firefox version 111.0 update 3/15 this month. So this problem could be from either of them.

I receive bottom-right-of-screen notifications about a number of things, for example:
  • Incoming business email (using GSuite gmail through Firefox)
  • Android text messages through
  • Screen shots, whether taken from Windows Screen snip tool, or the Firefox screen shot tool

This week, after both updates - KB5023696 and FF 111.0 - I noticed that an audio tone is played when a notification appears.

However, my settings for this - in GSuite (gmail), google messages, etc., clearly say NO to playing a tone.

How do I reverse this? I have tried going into the settings, turning ON audio notifications, saving, going back, turning it off, saving, and that's not worked.

I'd thought the bug was with Firefox, but it also happens when I use the Windows screen snip tool.

- - - Updated - - -



I fixed it the obvious way. Settings > System > Notifications and actions

And then turn off "allow notifications to play sounds."

Although I don't know how that got turned on in the first place on my machine. But problem solved.