"microsoft windows" not responding - huge lag issue?

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    Without those Task Manager screenshots (with column sorting) requested difficult to get anywhere. Vague guessing tends not to get anywhere.

    From the details you have posted your usage of 3% 5.7 GB at idle shows something is running in the background, it should be around 1-2% with 3 GB of RAM usage.

    6 GB of free space on the main partition is nowhere near enough, that would be part of the reasons.
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    all hardware was either 0% or 3%, so it should be totally irrelevant.
    5,7gb was in use, out of 32gb, so i dont know how many % is that, but it should also be totally irrelevant.
    i also had all page files and hibernation files etc turned off completely, so that 6gb should not matter either?

    but i basically got kinda fed up with it, so i just replaced it with a new drive, lol... (crystal disk said that it was at 97% of life left in it, but dunno if that is bad or what... total reads was basically 18,6tb and writes was 12,8tb, 13300hrs).

    if someone can come up with a solution to test, then i could probably put the old drive back in to run some more tests etc, as i should be opening up the tower again soon...

    (did not manage to test it in safe mode yet, because that would probably need a hdmi cable again to detect the keyboard while booting etc... and im not even sure if any of the regular programs would even work in safe mode if its restricted in some ways?)
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    Could you confirm it is the Tower pc and not the laptop which has the problem ?
    Is there a reason why you are unable to provide PC specifications as requested in Posts 4 and 8 and requested again in this Post?
    Have you tried shutting down and disconnecting all peripherals except for mouse ,keyboard and monitor then restart with only those three pieces attached?
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    Yep as others have mentioned 6GB left on your c drive is not going to benefit you it will slow down write speed being a SSD. You will also have higher than normal ram usage because you disabled the page file and also because your disk is saturated.

    The general rule of paging used to be 1:1 times your ram but in modern times it can be way less then this as paging is not really a big deal anymore for various reasons mainly because we are not hardware limited like back then.

    Regardless imo you still want to use a page file as windows benefits from using one, it does not have to be very big like sub 4gb i run mine at 3gb used to be 2GB but i found it was a little small as i do lots of demanding tasks at times.

    Realistically we don't want to be paging but windows still wants to page stuff by design and here is something that you should read over as it recommends why you should be using a page file.
    Windows Learn - Introduction to page files

    You should be monitoring your disk we would expect to see its I/O quite high in your scenario. Seeing as no page file and high capacity saturation.

    Just an example in real time the computer is paging when it needs to which is quite often in frequency
    "microsoft windows" not responding - huge lag issue?-untitled.png

    97% on the health is nothing that's a brand new drive still and there is nothing wrong with it.

    • High ram usage = Because in this context you are not using a page file.
    • The computer responsiveness/slowness/performance issue = Most likely because you are at 6GB on your primary drive and being an SSD this is bad due to the nature of SSD slowing down the more content they have on them.
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    i already posted all specs and i dont think you can fit 3900x cpu into a laptop...
    the 6gb was on the primary partition, the other one still had like 70gb of free space
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    Win 10 Pro (22H2) (2nd PC is 22H2)

    Only the free space on your Windows partition matters here.

    No response to my posts, no task manager screenshots, so I'm out. Good luck.
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    @jenny5, you came here for help but you're not following our instructions and arguing them.
    You're the one in front of the computer. We're not and we need information to guide you but you don't give us what we ask.

    Windows need around 20G of free space on the Windows partition to run smooth. When was the last time you run Disk Cleanup?

    I gave you instructions on my first post to do the basic. Did you do it?
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    Reference Post 15.
    In Post 1 your specs said "laptop".
    In Post 6 "atx tower " was casually thrown in.Additionally you gave "etc..." as part of your specifications.
    Thank you for the only useful piece of information so far,---3900x cpu ---
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    that laptop thing is probably something from the signup process, but now im thinking that some of the issues might have started from a faulty gpu drivers too, because another disk from my hdd swap period had very similar graphics issues, which i now managed to fix with a driver update on the newer disk...
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