PROJECT: Computer Report - Comprehensive  

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    Win 10 Pro 64-bit v1909 - Build 18363 Custom ISO Install

    PROJECT: Computer Report - Comprehensive

    Note   Note
    There are NO questions being asked in this post, it is solely for sharing with MEMBERS ONLY.
    PROJECT: Computer Report - Comprehensive-image.png


    I initially wrote this program with minimal criteria in order to quickly extract required information from various computers.

    However, over the last year or so, this personal project has evolved into a more detailed and comprehensive program, with at least TWO thousand PLUS hours contributed to it with respect to searching, collating, writing, testing, and trial and error.


    The basic idea was to be able to easily extract information without the need to search the computer [ Settings, Menus, Folders, Tabs, etc ] or search the Internet for individual commands to extract the specific information required, and then run them via CMD Prompt or PowerShell, which believe me, can take a LOT of time and immense effort to get the information required, which I have hopefully relieved the burden of with this program, hence why I thought that I would share it so that others could benefit.

    NOTE: I have . . .

    • Tried to include as much useful information as possible for each of the SECTIONS.
    • Added a single dash [-] in the results to replace a IsNullOrWhiteSpace entry.
    • Extended some results to include %, GB, GHz, MB, MHz, mVolts, mWh, Volts, etc, along with thousands separators and full stops where applicable.
    • Performed calculations, capitalised some abbreviations and words, added notes, text and legends, and added additional information to some of the Labels results.
    • For continuity, I have re-organised the results order to what I believe is better structured, clearer, easier to view, and more understandable.
    • Used Standard Modules where needed so NO additional Modules [ Import-Module ] need to be installed.
    • Used Tables where appropriate rather than Lists so as to cut down the amount of output produced.
    • Structured the results so they will fit on the majority of monitors and screens without wrapping, unless I have specified that aspect in the program.
    • Included text links within the Script itself that can be Copied & Pasted into a Browser for further information on the parameters.


    • A lot more information is available, but in my opinion, it is NOT very informative, hence the exclusion.
    • ALL processing and results for the SECTIONS below are output to the Console in 'Real-Time'.
    • Instructions to Copy the Console results to a Text Editor if required are at the end of the program.
    • Windows 11 compatible.
    • Processing time will depend on your computer specifications and what else is running, so be patient.


    • If you Copy the Console results to MS Office Word or Open Office Writer rather than a Text Editor, it will initially distort the output because of the way that the Page Settings are set for Column Width, Margins, Font, etc. This also has an affect on the colour transfer.

      - @das10 has come up with a workaround for this using MS Office Word in his Post 61.
      - I have come up with a workaround for this using Open Office Writer in my Post 66.

    SECTIONS [ 93 ]:-

    • Antivirus - Microsoft Defender Status
    • Antivirus - Microsoft Defender Preferences
    • Antivirus - Microsoft Defender Threats
    • Antivirus - Microsoft Defender Detections
    • Antivirus - Microsoft Defender Exploit Protection Settings
    • Apps - Current User
    • Apps - All Users
    • Apps - Disabled
    • BCD - Parameters / Identifiers
    • BIOS - Motherboard Firmware
    • Bluetooth
    • Camera
    • Capabilities - Online
    • Computer - Specifications
    • CPU - Processor
    • Desktop - User Characteristics
    • Device Manager - Errors
    • Devices - ALL
    • Devices - Active / Non-Hidden
    • Devices - Non-Active / Hidden
    • Devices - Human Interface - HID
    • Devices - Portable
    • Drivers - Online 3rd-Party
    • Fans
    • Features - Optional
    • Firewall - Profiles
    • GPU - Graphics Card
    • HDDs / SSDs
    • Headphones
    • Keyboard
    • Keyboard - On-Screen
    • Language
    • Microphone
    • Monitor / Screen
    • Motherboard - Baseboard
    • Mouse / Touchpad
    • NET Framework - Versions Installed
    • Network - Overview
    • Network - Adapters
    • Network - Attached Disks
    • Network - Current Adapter
    • Network - Current Connection
    • Network - Interfaces / Drivers
    • Network - IPConfig /ALL
    • Network - IPv4
    • Network - IPv6
    • Network - Login Profile
    • Network - Ethernet
    • Network - Wi-Fi
    • ODD - Optical Disk Drive
    • OS - Optional Features
    • OS - Specifications
    • Packages - Appx
    • Packages - Online
    • Power Configuration
    • Power Supply - AC / DC
    • Power Supply - Battery
    • Printer / Printer Output
    • Processes
    • Product Key - License
    • RAM - Device Memory
    • Removable - Attached Disks
    • Scanner
    • Sensors - Temperature
    • Services
    • Shadow Copy
    • Shared Resources
    • S.M.A.R.T. - Basic Status Check
    • SMB - Client / Servers Connection
    • SMB - Server Configuration
    • Software - Devices
    • Software - REG Extraction
    • Sound - Devices / Drivers
    • Speakers - Internal / External
    • StartUp - LogOn / LogOff - ShutDown
    • Tasks - Scheduled
    • Tasks - Scheduled Maintenance
    • User - Accounts
    • User - Groups / Privileges
    • User - Logon Session
    • User - Profiles
    • User - Startup Command
    • Volume Snapshot
    • WEI - Updated Score
    • Windows Update - HotFixes
    • WinEvent - Kernel-Boot
    • WinEvent - Record Count
    • WinEvent - Application Log
    • WinEvent - System Log
    • WinEvent / EventLog - System Log Message Contains Disk
    • WinRE - ReAgentC /Info
    • WinRE - ReAgent XML File

    The program does NOT change, amend, or delete ANYTHING, other than the %Temp% files that are created during processing.

    Some results may be INCORRECT, INCOMPLETE, or FAIL, if Windows 10 is NOT Genuine or Activated.

    The program outputs personal information, therefore, make sure that you EDIT the output FIRST if you intend to send or share it.

    I do NOT intend to add ANY SECTIONS to the program for individual requests. One reason for this is due to the 9,999 line limitation for the Console output, which, depending on your computer setup, some users may well be close to that output limitation.


    > Private Message me for the Download link [ NO Download Sign-Up Required ].
    > In order to Private Message, you MUST be a MEMBER of this Forum with a certain number of posts.

    NO Installation Required.

    • Click the download link and Save the .bat file to the Desktop.
    • You can check the integrity of the file at > VirusTotal - Pre-Run CLEAN with NO False Positives.
    • Double-click the Computer_Report_Comprehensive.bat file to run it.

    If you get an Unsafe or Blocked message, then please refer to one of these Tutorials . . .

    > Unblock File in Windows 10 - TenForums Tutorial
    > Turn On or Off SmartScreen for Apps and Files from Web in Windows 10 - TenForums Tutorial

    If you download the program, then please be kind enough to click the Thank at the bottom of this post for monitoring purposes. Thank you.

    *************************************************** UPDATES ***************************************************

    13-Jan-2023 + 'Power Configuration' [PowerCFG] Section [Thanks das10 for his input & testing].
    15-Jan-2023 + 'Windows Update - HotFixes' Section [Thanks das10 for testing].
    18-Jan-2023 > Added a splash of colour for clarity [Thanks das10 for his input].
    18-Jan-2023 + 'Devices - Portable' Section.
    20-Jan-2023 + 'Devices - Human Interface - HID' Section.
    26-Jan-2023 + 'Apps - Current User' Section.
    26-Jan-2023 + 'Apps - All Users' Section.
    28-Jan-2023 + 'Apps - Disabled' Section [Thanks garlin & das10 for their code and input].
    01-Feb-2023 + 'WinEvent / EventLog - System Log Contains Disk' Section [Thanks das10 for testing].
    06-Feb-2023 + 'User - Profiles' Section [Thanks das10 for testing].
    08-Feb-2023 + 'Device Manager - Errors' Section [Thanks das10 for testing].
    09-Feb-2023 > Conversion of 'wmiObject' to 'CIMInstance' [Thanks das10 for his input & testing].
    12-Feb-2023 + 'Firewall - Profiles' Section [Thanks das10 for testing].
    12-Feb-2023 + 'WinEvent - Kernel-Boot' Section [Thanks das10 for testing].
    17-Feb-2023 + 'NET Framework - Versions Installed' Section. [Thanks das10 for his input].
    17-Feb-2023 + 'WinRE - ReAgentC /Info' Section [Thanks das10 for his input & testing].
    17-Feb-2023 + 'WinRE - ReAgent XML File' Section [Thanks das10 for testing].
    18-Feb-2023 + 'BCD - Parameters / Identifiers' Section.
    04-Mar-2023 + 'Antivirus - Microsoft Defender Exploit Protection Settings' Section.
    06-Mar-2023 + 'Product Key - License' Section.
    06-Mar-2023 > Updated Post #1.

    ********************** PROJECT: Computer Report - Comprehensive [ COMPLETED ] **********************


    I would like to thank the members das10, Matthew Wai, KeithM, garlin, zebal, and hdmi, for their time and contributions.

    A VERY SPECIAL THANKS goes to @das10 for his continued support, time, contributions, clarifications, and EXTENSIVE testing.

    I hope at least someone finds it useful !
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    Win10 Version 21H2 Pro and Home, Win11 Pro and Home

    Just checked, both download links worked.
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  3. NTN
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    W10 19045.2546

    Yes, now it works.
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    Win 10 Pro 64-bit v1909 - Build 18363 Custom ISO Install
    Thread Starter

    I have corrected the Download problem so it should be OK now.
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  5. NTN
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    W10 19045.2546

    3min 5sec.....and it worked!

    And indirectly it made me aware of a new driver for System Interface on my aging ThinkPad.
    Last edited by NTN; 09 Jan 2023 at 21:11.
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    Win 10 Pro 64-bit v1909 - Build 18363 Custom ISO Install
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    NTN said:
    3min 5sec.....and it worked!

    And indirectly, it made me aware of a new driver for System Interface on my aging ThinkPad.
    Excellent news, and thanks for the feedback.
    Last edited by Paul Black; 10 Jan 2023 at 05:29.
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    Windows 7

    Not sure about the "toothpaste" font, but PC ASCII art is most satisfying...
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    Windows 11 Pro 64-bit

    Very nice script, good work guys!
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 22H2 (Build: 19045.2364)

    This is an mazing undertaking Paul!
    I've run the script and it worked with no issues, the ASCII art is cool.

    I know very well what it takes to write 6K of bug free LOC
    Surely a lot of people may find it useful for research or to discover details about their system.
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    Win 10 Pro 64-bit v1909 - Build 18363 Custom ISO Install
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    Hello @zebal,

    zebal said:
    This is an amazing undertaking Paul!
    I've run the script and it worked with no issues, the ASCII art is cool.

    I know very well what it takes to write 6K of bug free LOC
    Surely a lot of people may find it useful for research or to discover details about their system.
    Thank you for your kind words, it is VERY much appreciated.

    I too hope people will find it useful and informative and give them an insight to data that they did NOT know about or would otherwise find it difficult or time consuming to locate and extract.

    Last edited by Paul Black; 13 Jan 2023 at 16:02.
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