Windows 10: Slow Boot Problem

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    Matchlock said: View Post

    Sorry for the delay. Still having a little trouble navigating this forum. I'm nearly 70 and techie things don't stick to my brain like they used to do.

    I have a 2 Tbyte drive that came with the machine and another 500 gig Drive d: with all my software and personal information on it. I always install software to C: and use D: for information only such as photos, letters, and everything else not directly related to running the machine. As I said, all software is installed on C: only. I've always done things that way so when I have a system failure I always have my data safe on drive d: It's an old drive (about four years old now) and is being replaced real soon.

    I use an external 1 Tbyte "Passport" Drive for backups

    OK, as for information you spoke about. I have installed all up to date drivers from the Dell site that someone on this forum was so kind to provide.

    For the most part I use a Bamboo Graphics Tablet and pen instead of a mouse.

    My system has a Blu Ray DVD Player/Burner

    I use a Logitech K-350 Wireless Keyboard without the added software installed. It works just fine for me that way.

    I've turned off may startup items using CCleaner that I don't need.

    Here's a couple of snips of my bottom line. (sorry, it seems that the "My Computer" tab to put in a picture here doesn't work)

    No, I have not run Disk Cleanup or Optimize Files but I will now, thank you.

    That you have all those drives(Blu Ray included) and partitions and the graphics tablet, mouse and keyboard, BIOS needs a bit of time. Hard Disks are a bit slower than Solid State drives so loading the desktop takes a bit longer, there defragging will help. Also superfetch/prefetch which I'm pretty sure is on in your system, along with ReadyBoot** will take a while to "learn" your habits and which software to load in what order and have ready in memory after the boot process.

    ReadyBoot uses an in-RAM cache to optimize the boot process if the system has 700MB or more memory. The size of the cache depends on the total RAM available, but is large enough to create a reasonable cache and yet allow the system the memory it needs to boot smoothly. ReadyBoot uses the same ReadyBoost service.[
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  2.    30 Aug 2015 #32

    DustSailor said: View Post
    If I may interject a moment...

    I recommend going to the Dell website and installing any and all updated drivers specifically for your computer and Windows 10 - (US):

    Drivers, especially the correct drivers from the Manufacturer, make things run quite a bit more smoothly.

    In addition, here are some tips for speeding things up on your computer without installing those fake 'optimize tools' that are often advertised online. See this: Optimize Performance of Windows 8 - says Windows 8 but works for 10 too!

    Please note that on my own computers with updated drivers, the windows logo loading screen does take a bit more time than Windows 8 did to get to the desktop. It generally is double to quadruple the time, but the good side is everything else loads much faster. One tip you might consider is instead of shutting down, put your computer to sleep unless you'll be away for longer than a day. Loading times are often cut in half this way, and MS even recommends it over constant reboots. See the Optimize tutorial above for more tips on performance.
    I had the same issue with my PC after upgrade to Win 10 from Win 7. After updating drivers to Win 10 version on Gigabyte fixed issue.
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  3.    30 Aug 2015 #33

    Thanks for piping in there Fast Ram, as it was you who directed me to download and install all the new Dell drivers. That helped quite a bit.

    I've been using the sleep mode at night when I would normally shut down and the startup is instant. No waiting whatsoever.

    Thanks to everyone who helped me with this, and thanks for a great forum where a fella can get the straight up noise on things like this.


    Fast Ram said: View Post
    I had the same issue with my PC after upgrade to Win 10 from Win 7. After updating drivers to Win 10 version on Gigabyte fixed issue.
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