Black Viperís Windows 10 Service Configurations (VERY USEFUL INFO)

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    Setting a service startup status to manual is not a safe alternative to disabling it. It would normally only be safe if the default state was manual. Otherwise it is doubtful.

    When a service fails to start because a service it relies on is not running it will not go through a list of such services and attempt to start them. It will just fail. When an application or windows component fails because of a non running service it will typically just fail. Don't expect an error message identifying the service. Typically the cause of the failure is not known to the application. In many cases the developer isn't aware that a specific service is required. Considering that much about services is undocumented this should hardly be surprising.

    When you set an autostart service to manual you take on the responsibility for starting it when necessary. Don't expect Windows or an application to do this for you. It may, but this is far from being a safe assumption.

    I do have some experience with this. It cost me considerable time and effort and I do not wish to repeat the experience.
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    I've been down that road too. Trying to help somebody fix an issue. Lots of head scratching. Only to find out they were messing around with turning some services off. And didn't record which ones they changed. face palm.
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    alphanumeric said:
    Not a believer. Site is down so I can't have a look see, but last time went there, there were lots of " I don't know what this does", "but you can turn it off anyway" Really?
    IMHO, its minimal gains and a high probability that you'll break something in the process. In this day and age, with hardware what it is, why bother?
    Exactly. Unless you're absolutely sure what you're doing don't touch this.
    Some folk are desperately looking to squeeze the last Mb of RAM out of their system not realizing the bulk of it is soaked up by stuff that run automatically at startup that is not really needed.

    There are many ways to optimize a system but disabling services is the last place I'd look at.

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    It is not just about RAM, it also prevents lagging, glitching, system runs way smoother and it is more secure.
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    i, for one, hope bv comes back

    i had a lot of fun going thru bv's lists with xp and vista.. originally found it when i got vista and was trying to optimize, but i learned a lot from his site. it was one of the few i found that actually offered legitimate information i could understand (im no expert), even tho some might consider it trivial or whatever.
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    I gotta throw my two cents in.

    Did I see 'Never disable a service' ? Heh.

    You should edit that statement to say: "Never disable a service unless you know exactly what it does and whether or not you have/will have a need for it."

    My Gaming PC has the absolute bare essential services running and that along with a ton off other tweaks provides me with a flawless, optimum gaming experience. At the end of the day, knowing what a service exactly does and what else it may have an impact on is the key.

    Lets face it, there are a lot of services that most of us will not use and despite the debate, disabling them along with other things can make a positive and noticeable gain in performance. Some of us have been tweaking long before Windows even came out (yeah....not too many remember those days eh...heh)

    Knowledge CAN be used for both enhancing and messing things up lol. This is one of those Ford vs Chevy or Nvidia vs AMD debates. Ford and Nvidia BTW
    ARS N9NU
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    too bad. I wanted this for school but the link is already dead
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