Windows 10: Windows 10 sleeps after 3 minutes, no matter what. Solved

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  1.    18 Dec 2016 #31

    I agree with MrStinky that the auto-sleep happens after the system has already gone to sleep once and woken up by keyboard/mouse activity. My laptop worked fine until a recent update but it has been Windows 10 from day 1. I will try to wake up using the power button or just do a shutdown and reboot if I can stand that. A fix would be nice.
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  2.    11 Jun 2017 #32

    I just stumbled on this from a Google search, I've joined up here in order to belatedly help those still suffering.

    1.(just in case) even if your Screensaver is off, you may have a 1(or some such low number) minute timer greyed out.
    Reenable, raise sufficiently higher, then disable it.
    2.(main culprit) go to control panel /power options /edit plan settings /change advanced power settings /pci express /link state power management
    and toggle maximum power savings to moderate OR off.
    3. Go thru other hardware listed... hard disk, wireless adapter, display, battery...
    and also toggle down any Maximum setting AND raise any minutes timer set lower than your main system Power Saving /Sleep settings.

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  3.    05 Jul 2017 #33

    sharleea said: View Post
    I had the same problem and was reading the answers in this forum. I went and set everything to default in my power settings. Still didn't do the trick. Now I hate to admit this, but sometimes we overlook the most easy answer, and hey, if this answer helps one person besides me, it was worth it. I went and checked out my screensaver. Lo and behold, it was set to one minute for it to activate and it was set on the blank screen saver. I don't know how it got like that, maybe someone playing a prank on me, but this is what fixed my problem. LOL I wish everything was this easy to fix. Good luck to all of you trying to fix this obnoxious problem.
    Then you weren't having the same problem at all since your computer wasn't going to sleep. Completely different issue.
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  4.    05 Jul 2017 #34

    derekellis81 said: View Post
    have you checked your BIOS settings? Try doing a BIOS reset to factory default.
    BIOS settings have absolutely nothing to do with this issue. Please, nobody follow this advice as it could adversely affect your ability to boot your machine (especially if you don't know what SATA vs ATA or UEFI vs BIOS means).
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  5.    05 Jul 2017 #35

    Catching it

    This is an extremely frustrating problem because resetting the power settings to default will always fix it. However, altering the power settings won't immediately cause it to happen again.

    I manage 100+ computers at work and none of them have this issue (although my users are probably not tooling around with power settings). I have two machines at home that are exhibiting this issue and neither of them were upgraded from a previous OS. One is a laptop on W10 CU and the other is a desktop (Alienware Alpha that thinks its a laptop) on W10 AU.

    I really wish Micro$oft would get their act together.
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    Windows 10 Pro
       09 Nov 2017 #36

    MrStinky has nailed it here. This is exactly what's going on with my desktop. And now that I know what's happening, I almost think it's not such a bad thing. I have all to often woke my PC accidentally by bumping the mouse only to have to log in and tell it to go to sleep again rather than let it waste energy by just timing out on it's own. So I'm thinking that from now on, I'll know to just wake up the PC via the power button instead. Unless I just want to check on something real quick and then allow it to go right back to sleep. So whether this is a flaw or not, I don't know. But I think the function could come in handy after all
    In the meantime... As far as a fix and what might be going on differently with the mouse or keyboard versus the Xbox controller he mentioned- I'm thinking it might just be a driver problem after all. Maybe it's not letting the system know what kind of device brought the computer out of sleep. Just a thought.
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