and this morning my C drive told me it was full!

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  1. pif
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    and this morning my C drive told me it was full!

    hi everyone, and thank you so much for having me here and reading me.
    I'm working on a film.
    using all kinds of software, this morning suddenly, there was something weird and my software didn't open normally.
    then I noticed, bitfender couldn't open normally either so then I tried running the windows troubleshooter but I only got some error messages. i also tried updating my system and that's when I noticed a warning letting me know that my C drive had 0 bites available. now, i'm pretty sure, that wasn't the case before. I tried checking if I had some backup versions of my system, but there were none. so I can't revert to anything.
    I tried erasing some software, but it wouldn't let me do so, claiming that there wasn't enough space for that;
    so then I just phisically took some application files and put them in the trash after rebooting a few times.
    I followed the advice of some people I read on interent, telling me how to fix that troubleshooter issue using various little codes I entered precisely.
    all that did make some difference and I managed to re-install bitfender. and get my software to work again as well, as get the troubleshooter to tell me there was nothing wrong. but, i'm not convinced that's true. first of all, i would have noticed for sure if there was absolutely zero space. and then i've also lost loads of preferences all around the place. and bitfender that had stopped working. and the whole system running incredibly slow.
    I've read a few posts with this same issue, but luckily (for them) they had a backup older system to restore from. I don't, not sure why, but i don't, regretfully..
    i wonder if someone could possibly help me figure all this mess out.
    that would be very kind
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  2. dalchina's Avatar
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    Win 10 Pro (1903) (2nd PC is 21H1)

    Hi, first your build number please, as prompted when you wrote your post:
    and this morning my C drive told me it was full!-win-10-version.png

    What sort of disk do you have (HDD, SSD...) and what is the size of your Windows partition?

    Given you report various odd things: please run the usual basic disk checks:
    a. Download and run Hard Disk Sentinel (excellent, includes SSDs, great appraisal right on its GUI).
    Post a screenshot of its GUI for each disk in your PC thus:
    and this morning my C drive told me it was full!-screenshot-.png
    b. If ok, from an admin command or Powershell prompt run
    chkdsk c: /scan
    c. If ok, similarly run
    and advise if that passes.

    I tried running the windows troubleshooter
    - which one of the many?
    I only got some error messages.
    - please post a screenshot.

    Please get a copy of Wiztree (free) - run that, run a scan & post a screenshot similar to this:
    and this morning my C drive told me it was full!-1.jpg

    That's just for starters..
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  3. pif
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    wow, ok, now we're talking.. impressive.
    Hello, and thx for your prompt reply and your interest in issues.
    so.. i see that my windows version is21H1 (OS Build 19043, 1110)
    and I'll try the first steps of what you're suggesting.
    I saw this morning that my disc was a SSD, 250 gigabites.
    I managed to trash about 5 of them, mostly applications I don't really use.

    i did ran the troubleshooter, but at first it didn't work, now I've done the few steps i already described, it works, but there's some issues. concerning the windows updater; it managed to run and this morning my C drive told me it was full!-windows-update-trouble3.jpgand this morning my C drive told me it was full!-windows-update-trouble2.jpgand this morning my C drive told me it was full!-windows-update-trouble.jpg
    I'll try downloading that software you suggest.
    thx, i'll keep you posted as for my progress!

    - - - Updated - - -

    and this morning my C drive told me it was full!-wiztree.jpg
    here's that wiztree file you kindly suggested for me to do
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  4. dalchina's Avatar
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    Win 10 Pro (1903) (2nd PC is 21H1)

    Please include the picture (Options, Show TreeMap).

    ProgramData is the largest, so expand that- let's see which are the largest folders.

    Initial impression is there's perhaps nothing unusual- the disk has simply been allowed to fill up. If so, your PC will fail to function normally as it seems you describe.

    Some basic ways of regaining space:
    Free Up Drive Space in Windows 10

    - a fairly comprehensive guide.

    Also if you can, post a screenshot of your Update History.
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  5. pif
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    Hi and thx again
    I have noticed a large file BDLogging, i'm wondering if I really need to keep this?
    also, maybe my drive looks fairly normal, but there definitely were some very strange behaviours, and the losing of my preferences is clearly not reassuring.

    this morning I trashed and then reinstalled Bitfender (so that BDLogging file was perhaps there already and is still there.)
    and as you can see all of it is in this vsserve.exe
    looks weird especially when I see the dates that all occurred recently I believe
    and this morning my C drive told me it was full!-vsserv.jpg

    - - - Updated - - -

    and this morning my C drive told me it was full!-vsserv2.jpg

    - - - Updated - - -

    and this morning my C drive told me it was full!-vsserv3.jpg
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails and this morning my C drive told me it was full!-bdlogging.jpg  
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  6. dalchina's Avatar
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    Win 10 Pro (1903) (2nd PC is 21H1)

    First reacton would be uninstall Bitdefender then check to see if those folders have gone. If not you need to take action to remove them - whether using Bitdefender's manual uninstall tool which I assume exists (which may or may not help here), or manually.

    That should allow you to recover significant free space.

    Using Wiztree I find it helpful to set colours so log tmp dmp and other such file types are highlighted in, say, red or orange- so if there's a large area of that colour on the tree map I can readily see it.

    I then carefully and selectively add such 3rd party generated folders to the custom list to be cleaned by Ccleaner which I run occasionally.
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  7. pif
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    Hi, so I looked for an unistall from bitfender, but unfortunately once re-installed it hadden't erased that 80 g file.
    so using that great tree tool you recommended, I just went ahead and trashed all those huge log texts that really did look very odd especially since they had just appeared in the last days. of course, it doesn't solve the problem entirely in the sense that i still don't understand why or how it occurred, but I can only imagine it's either at best, a bug, at worst, a virus. I feel better since it's trashed, I onlyl regret having thrown out all that software to free space, but with time i'll install them again. and of course, bitfinder doesn't seem to have any problem not having those files. it says everything is fine. meanwhile I had to re enter many preferences that had been erased in various software, perhaps simplyl due to the fact there was zero bites for the drive to work with.
    anyway, thx again, for your great help, it saved my day(s)!
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  8. dalchina's Avatar
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    Win 10 Pro (1903) (2nd PC is 21H1)

    There are several discussions as to whether 3rd party AVs are needed rather than Defender- their conclusion is not. However you may feel either that a 3rd party AV/firewall is easier to use or provides more features or is easier to use, say.

    Remember to use disk imaging routinely- e.g. Macrium reflect (free). Often offers a way back if somethng goes wrong.
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  9. pif
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    hi again, i jsut checked out the free version of macrium, but i'm not sure I quite understand. is says that it only copies non bootable discs. i'd like very much to clone my C drive, in order to be able to erase it and then copy everything directly from the cloned disc. but maybe I'm getting the concept wrong..
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  10. dalchina's Avatar
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    Win 10 Pro (1903) (2nd PC is 21H1)

    It's an installable program. You can create a bootable disk. It creates compressed copies of the used parts of the partitions you select as one file which you can save e.g. on an external disk.

    Given you have, say, all 4 partitions of a UEFI installation imaged, you can
    - restore existing partitions to a previous good state when something goes wrong (corruption, ransomware...)
    - restore your O/S to a new disk

    These also act as a full backup.

    I'm not going to try to explain disk imaging any further- you can do that research yourself, watch Youtube videos etc.

    It's recommended endlessly on tenforums, complemented by System Restore.
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