Monitor turns off after 2 minutes of inactivity

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  1.    04 Sep 2015 #11

    Solved it.

    I think I finally found the problem.
    There's a setting called "System unattended sleep timeout"
    However, in Windows 10 it does not show up in the Advanced Power Settings.

    I had to add it through a registry edit from here (the Windows 7 regedit works on Windows 10)

    So far it has not gone to sleep after two minutes when I wake it with my mouse.

    So, it looks like a Microsoft problem, not hardware.
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  2.    05 Sep 2015 #12

    I've been beating my head trying to fix this problem. I have sleep mode set to "never". I set my screen saver to "none". I've set my power settings to never power off the displays. Regardless of what I do, the displays go dark and requires a password to start-up again. Background tasks still run, proven by uploading a huge file. The upload never even paused.
    The only exception to this is if I'm receiving some streamed TV/Movie and the video is set to full screen, Windows waits two minutes after the movie is over before locking up by going black and requiring the password.
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  3.    07 Sep 2015 #13

    CaesarMagnus said: View Post
    So, it looks like a Microsoft problem, not hardware.
    Caesar's solution has not worked for me, although it has shown me another example of Win10Pro x64's registry missing necessary settings. To CaesarMagnus, I ask of there may have been additional registry entries you needed that are not documented in

    I can't imagine that all Win10Pro x64 users are going thru the same frustration as me.

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  4.    14 Sep 2015 #14

    mfaklis said: View Post
    Caesar's solution has not worked for me, although it has shown me another example of Win10Pro x64's registry missing necessary settings. To CaesarMagnus, I ask of there may have been additional registry entries you needed that are not documented in

    I can't imagine that all Win10Pro x64 users are going thru the same frustration as me.

    ugh. I messed with so many settings trying to figure out the problem that I wouldn't know where to begin to see if you're missing something. I'm also NOT a regristry expert (took me awhile just to figure out how to run the regedit file.

    One thing I didn't mention above when I changed the "System unattended sleep timeout" was that I set the time to "0" not to something like 10 or 15 minutes. Hope that helps.
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  5.    14 Sep 2015 #15

    I set mine to 3600 (60 minutes in seconds). I should go back and set it to zero since zero worked for you and 3600 seconds didn't help me much at all.

    To make it easier, you could have downloaded the script (there's one for set and another for unset), changed the time using a text editor like notepad (I use notepad++), and then after saving the modified script, just click on the file.

    A safer approach would be to use regedit to find the current setting, or the next higher setting that exists. Then export it inorder to save the current settings incase you need to revert.

    You already experience3d regedit, so it would be a shame to not learn this utility. You can likely find a tutorial her, or on Microsoft TechNet. Here in San Francisco, we can access most tech manuals on the web, with just a library card.
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  6.    26 Sep 2015 #16

    I have a similar problem but I didn't find a solution. My display is turning off after 2 minutes or more, even I play a game or do something else. I\ve changed on power management all setting to never, high plan settings etc, nothing helped. This computer sleep or whatever it is, it's happens at least one time per day. Any solution?

    My specs: i5 4460, Asrock B85M-DGS, Saphire dual X R7 265 2GB, 8GB ram.
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  7.    28 Sep 2015 #17

    I have not been able to fix this annoying problem yet, although I would expect more uproar ad a MS fix if it affected everyone. What makes my system different?
    • I updated from Win 8.1 Pro with Media Center, rather than doing a clean install.
    • My machine is in my Small Business Server 2011 R2 domain.
    • I use global group policies, but I haven't created one for Win 10 Pro (x64) primarily since I haven't found how to create the appropriate WMI filter.
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  8.    02 Oct 2015 #18

    I hope this helps everyone --

    I resolved this using Ceaser's way, only I didn't use regedit. I did at first, and changed what I thought was the appropriate setting (I followed the path outlined by the script I downloaded from the site he gave; I don't like to run scripts, so I opened it in notepad to use as a guide), but that didn't work. So I decided to have yet another go at the power settings, and this time I noticed something I hadn't noticed before: in the advanced power settings (system -> power and sleep -> additional power settings -> choose when to turn off the display -> change advanced power settings) there is a link at the top that says "Change settings that are currently unavailable." I clicked on that, and then the System Unattended Sleep Timeout setting showed up under the Sleep setting, with both battery and plugged in set to 2 minutes. I changed plugged in to 20 minutes and clicked OK, then waited ... and waited ... and happily waited ... and joyfully waited some more ... and after the full 20 minutes my monitor turned off.
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  9.    06 Oct 2015 #19

    barrisagent's fix didn't solve my problem.

    I did an in place upgrade from win 8.1 x64 Pro with Media Center to Win10 Pro x64. For those of us (not me) who fixed this problem, what version of Win 10 are you running and did you do a in-place upgrade?
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  10.    06 Oct 2015 #20

    I started with 8 Home 64 bit, upgraded to 8.1 Home 64 bit, then to 10 Home 64. I don't know what you mean by "in place"; both of my upgrades were DL'd from M$.
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