Hello everyone.

Since update 20H2 (W10Pro 19042.964), my boot takes about 3 minutes to enter Windows (it takes too much time to lighten up USB peripherals in load screen), using a Samsung 960Pro nvme disk (health OK).

I've tried everything: uninstall a lot of startup programs, clean boot, change BIOS to Fast Boot (UEFI), a lot of check disk (chkdsk) commands, enable/disable Fast startup on Windows Power Options, flash older and newer BIOS, /fixmbr, disconnect all USB and HDDs, DDU nvidia drivers, update disk drivers, check disks performances, CSM ON/OFF, check dirty flags, check if win partition is GPT, unplug network cable, disable devices, everything in my knowledge, and the slow boot keeps.

The only "fix" was using an older BIOS that enables Gigabyte UltraFast Startup, it boots in 3 seconds, but after a few minutes of use I receive a nice BSOD, due to something in my system that needs to be loaded (maybe MCE = machine check exception?)

I'll postpone new Windows install, since I need the PC for work.

The funny thing is that Windows Performance Recorder show that my boot is made in about 40s when in fact it takes more than 3 minutes unfortunatly, how is that possible?

NVME slow boot - Untraceable via Windows Performance Recorder?-wpr.jpg

Complete WPR records: WPR - Google Drive

Any ideas?