Hi there,

A while back I had an issue when upgrading from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 where the hibernate function stopped working. I went through my list of programs and drivers to remove and reinstall them over several days. Eventually, I gave up and within a short period of time it started working again.

Now that I've done the Windows 10 update (from 8.1), the issue is back. It only started maybe a few days ago, but I haven't installed any new software or hardware to cause it. Maybe a recent windows update ...

The hibernate button is present and I believe the memory is getting dumped to hiberfil.sys. Whenever I try to turn the computer back on though, it halts at the windows logo and shuts down. If I reboot from there, my hibernated session is gone. Putting the computer to sleep works just fine. Only hibernate is the issue. When I try to set my computer to No Auto-Restart on BSOD and try to hibernate it, it hangs at the windows logo and stops functioning altogether until I hold down the power button to reset it.

I've been digging through forums over the past few days and trying whatever I could find to solve the issue. Thus for, no such luck. Are there any suggestions I can follow? Other than this one issue, Windows 10 has been pretty solid for me.

I have already tried enabling/disabling hibernate, turning off fast boot, disabling password on wake, BIOS is up to date, sfc /scannow comes back with no errors, chkdsk also reports no errors, DISM seems to have fixed something - just not hibernate.