dell 5280 battery hours compliment

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    dell 5280 battery hours compliment

    i have a dell e6330 and i recently bought a dell 5280 , the battery hours on the 5280 are insanely long compared to the e6330

    my only regret is the 5280 has a ssd which i have read has a smaller life span compared to a sata hd ?
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    The lifespan of an SSD is typically something that is way over hyped. Realistically, most people will never use up the useable life of an SSD. It was something I used to be highly paranoid about but now I use my SSDs with reckless abandon

    More information:

    There are ratings in common use for the lifespan of an SSD. TBW (Terabytes Written) and DWPD (Drive Writes Per Day). The first, and more common, is simply a measure of how many Terabytes can be written to the drive before it is considered "worn out".

    As an example, say an SSD has a 5 year warranty and a 600TBW warranty. Let's do a little math:

    5 years = 365 x 5 = 1,825 days.
    600TB divided by 1,825 = 328.77 GB

    In other words, you would have write 328.77 GB of data to the drive every single day for 5 years before the drive exceeds the TBW specification.

    Note that 600 TBW is simply an example. You would need to look at the specs for your drive.

    The problem with the TBW measurement is that you will typically find something like this in the specs:

    SSD model xyz...
    500 GB model - 600 TBW
    1TB model - 1,200 TBW
    2TB model 2,400 TBW

    In other words, for the same model drive, the larger the capacity of the drive, the higher the TBW spec is. Logically, this makes sense. If you think about it, a 2TB is like having 2 1TB drives so it makes sense that it would have the twice the lifespan in terms of how much data could be written to it. Still, this can be a little awkward because the manufacturer has to specify a different spec for each disk size.

    This is where the new spec comes into play (DWPD). Let's take the same example and assume you have a 500GB drive with a TBW of 600. Recall that this came out to 328.77 GB per day during the 5 year warranty. Putting this another way, this means that you can write about .657 times the capacity of the drive every single day. So the DWPD = 0.657. The nice thing about this number is that it stays the same for any size drive of that same model so the manufacturer only needs to quote one number.


    So, sorry if I threw a whole lot at you at once. The bottom line is that by looking up the specs of your SSD you can get an idea of how much you can expect to be able to write to your drive. You can also find utilities out there (Hard Disk Sentinel is one that springs to mind) that will tell you how much life is left in your SSD. For example, it might report 96% life left.

    One final note:

    One takeaway from all this is that even if you don't need a large drive, maybe 500GB is more than enough for you, when shopping for an SSD, consider that a drive twice the size will give you twice the lifespan. So there may be times where a larger drive is desired, not for capacity, but for lifespan, especially if you write a large amount of data to your SSD.

    Hope all this helps! If you have any more questions at all on the topic, do let me know.
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    icco said: only regret is the 5280 has a ssd which i have read has a smaller life span compared to a sata hd ?
    hsehestedt has explained very well how the endurance of an SSD is measured and shown in the specs. I would only like to add that I have a Dell E7440 that I treated to an SSD upgrade when its HDD started to show signs of dying.

    That's getting on for two years ago now, and it gets heavy use running VMs, over 11TB written so far.

    dell 5280 battery  hours compliment-image.png

    At my current rate of use I calculate it will take getting on for 40 years for me to exceed its TBW specs. Basically, its going to outlive me

    Read this, then stop worrying....

    The SSD Endurance Experiment: They're all dead - The Tech Report
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    thank you hsehestedt for the comprehensive reply and thank you bree. i hardly write to my ssd so you put my mind at rest , i mainly use my dell for internet usage

    - - - Updated - - -

    FYI Hard Disk Sentinel says the ssd was used for 51 days

    Dell warranty is till 19/09/2021 so this SSD was hardly used

    thanks again
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    Good news! Enjoy the SSD. There's no going back now! Once you start using an SSD the speed is just addictive.
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    thank you again
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