Hi everyone and Happy Easter,

I have been doing some routine maintenance and while in Event Viewer I have noticed a lot of Hyper-V-VMSwitch entries ( 37 to be precise when Windows loads - ver 19042.867 ), I used to have Hyper V enabled a while back ( over a year ago ) and I thought it was uninstalled. In 'Programs and Features' under 'Turn features on or off', both Hyper V and Windows Hypervisor Platform are unchecked, as well as Virtual Machine Platform. I am curious to know why Hyper V is still active on the system.

EDIT: Windows Sandbox is enabled, not sure if that makes a difference.

I thought I would check with greater brains before I start digging deeper into the services. I have included an image.

Loads of Hyper-V-VMSwitch entries in Event Viewer-hyperv-switch.jpg