disk related 7 minute delay during boot  

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    orbittwz said:
    I see... anything else besides restoring images can be checked?
    Tell us all the gory details about D: - what's on it, etc?

    Maybe try swapping both the power and SATA cables from a different happy drive to this D: drive and see what happens.
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    tried that as well, since I thought something was wrong with the cable, and/or the sata port...
    but no, it's just that drive...
    I'm getting ready to format and do a refresh clean install of Windows.
    thanks anyways...

    - - - Updated - - -

    you know what... why should I format?
    I can wait the 7 minutes, in the meantime I can do something else...
    and because of that I keep all my system configured instead of redoing everything.
    I hope Microsoft will fix this problem soon with the 20H2 version!
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    OK an update!
    After some more tinkering with the system... found out that Windows does the auto check on the drives...

    specifically on drive D!!

    returned the default value and restarted the computer, still the same long startup (around 7 minutes)
    in the end, renaming autochk.exe to another name solved the problem...
    but that's a workaround, and the system integration is not healthy.
    also I got in post a message autochk not exist and the system will skip checking (which is bad)
    can anyone try to help me with this now (since I provided more info)?
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    Hi, on Autocheck: see

    Note that gives an option to make it not run on a particular drive.

    Before doing that, presumably the volume is flagged as dirty.

    What do you see if you run
    chkdsk D: /scan
    from an admin command or Powershell prompt?

    Run fsutil to determine if D: is marked as dirty:
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    @dalchina, Hey... thanks for answering...
    I did all those checks before that, and ALL drives are marked NOT dirty, nor any errors on chkdsk...
    I'm not sure why D drive is being autochecked each time on startup now... since I've removed the BootExecute value and set it to default...
    Is there another place or value I should check?
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    Hi, can't give you any more info, I'm afraid- noted you said it was fine with 2004.

    But note the options in the article I posted.. here's one:
    You can use chkntfs with the /x parameter to prevent autochk from running on a specific volume or multiple volumes.
    That actually does what you've done with Bootexecute in fact, as explained in the later part of this older article:
    Disable or Stop Auto CHKDSK During Windows Startup • Raymond.CC - Page 2

    and here:
    Cancel a Scheduled Chkdsk at Boot in Windows 10
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    yes yes yes!!!
    solved now!
    I tried to actually set the drive as DIRTY on purpose, by running fsutil dirty set d:
    and restarting the computer when I get the message my drive is dirty, pressed "restart now"
    the autochk checked the drive on post, the system loaded up quickly as should...
    and I restarted once more to check if the delay is gone, and IT IS!
    thanks for the help...


    helping user: JB Ai-Tech / Ai-Tech A/S Wednesday, December 1, 2010 2:33 PM
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    OK, it happened again and this time the fix didn't worked... why does it happen? the disk is being checked each time the computer starts, and BootExecute is set to autocheck autochk *
    I really don't want to format the computer so please help me

    - - - Updated - - -

    EDIT: OK, solved it again...
    by running chkntfs /x c: d: e: f: (which are all my drives) and restarting the computer.
    the computer went up in seconds just it should!
    well, I hope this is it :)

    Disable or Stop Auto CHKDSK During Windows Startup • Raymond.CC
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    Been a while now, and the problem reoccurs, every boot the chkdsk is running and checking each drive

    BootExecute is set to skip all drives from checking but still I need to wait for the boot to finish...
    Is there a solution to this?

    Win10 Pro 21H1

    - - - Updated - - -

    EDIT: I've tried those solutions:
    fsutil dirty set and chkdsk to remove the dirty bit
    bootexecute /K:drive letter registry to skip checking
    task scheduler - setting in autochk and chkdsk tasks to disable
    safe mode chkdsk /f /r for drive C

    all didn't fixed the issue...

    can someone try to help me?
    I don't want to format, there are a lot of programs and settings I need to restore, like two days work...
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    Can you share your boot trace (compressed)?
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