System Interrupts 100% CPU when trying to stream with OBS + freeze  

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    windows 10

    is there only one minidump ?

    in the one you shared the crashes seems to be caused by the xusb22.sys (XBox) driver; I think it have to do with the Gamepad !

    But I'm not sure if this dump file is related to the problem you described, you need to correlate that with other information from the events viewer logs.

    Check also the device manager if you don't have any device marked with the exclamation point (!)

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    Windows 10 Pro 64 bit 19044.1706

    Your Nvidia driver "nvlddmkm.sys": has 2140 DPC latency I suggest you to uninstall drivers using DDU in safe mode. Read tutorial, or write to Nvidia to tell you what to select! It is recommended by Nvidia and should be safe, but you never know, just warning!

    It is laptop, so no wonder it has DPC latency issues. Also Nvidia drivers are known to have problem with DPC latency. Try another drivers perhaps. Source of DPC latency are mainly badly coded drivers, so you can try update drivers, or other versions.

    And disable power savings in BIOS and Windows!!!

    Also BIOS update is recommended for solving issues with DPC latency, it is not hard. But read twice!!! New mobos will have recorvery utility so you can't brick it. Also make sure you have enough battery! You can keep this as last step!

    Also try dism, check for issues only at first, if it finds something try repair. How to use DISM command tool to repair Windows 10 image | Windows Central
    Maybe backup OS first?

    Try sfc /verifyonly to only check health, if it finds something you can paste cbs.log. Or sfc /scannow, which will try to repair issues, but could mess a lot of Windows settings.

    Also try cleanboot! win+r msconfig, services tab, hide microsoft services, printscreen checked services so you can tick them later and then disable all, restart, test again.

    In NV control panel, make sure to check prefer maximum performance per profile. But stress test your gpu to check for max temps first! And find your maximal operating temperature, this is usually <85C. And under latency mode: select off.

    You can download MSI utility v2, or v3 from 3d guru and switch your devices to MSI mode, which helps to reduce DPC latency! Careful, if you switch device, which does not work in MSI, it makes your system un-bootable, but it is safe to do. Just make a backup first!

    You will have there 2 audio controllers, one is nvidia audio. If you don't want risk switching on incorrect one. Uninstall nvidia audio, so that leaves only 1 audio controller.

    GPU, NIC, USB, SOUND CARD, SATA CONTROLLER all these should work in msi fine, maybe USB won't if you have older chipset, but nothing should happen!

    I strongly recommend you to use process lasso, it can choose default power plan to use and switch power plan dynamically, based on which application is running, even has priorities by what application is running, so you can always pick your desired power plan.

    I would recommend you to disable C states and all power saving features in bios!!! This cause huge dpc latency. Unpark your cores, this can be done with parkcontrol utility from the same company. Again can be selected per profile, so you will have power savings in idle.

    I would recommend to use ultimate performance power plan:
    Paste into elevated cmd to unhide it from power options: powercfg -duplicatescheme e9a42b02-d5df-448d-aa00-03f14749eb61

    Just make sure, correct power plan is selected and don't leave it in bag with incorrect one, or put it to sleep! Or shutdown better!

    Also I recommend disabling idle saver, following line will show this option under power plan:
    powercfg -attributes SUB_PROCESSOR 5d76a2ca-e8c0-402f-a133-2158492d58ad -ATTRIB_HIDE

    This will however cause your cpu to work constantly at c0 mode and cause a lot of heat.

    First find your maximum operating temperature for CPU and also check motherboard is not overheating, or VRM etc. Only use if you can cool it, run prime95 like 10 minutes and check max temperatures. But I would recommend couple hours test to be sure - you increase period gradually to be safe! You can monitor this using HWINFO. Check for thermal throttling under cpu and boxes which say yes/no under GPU, generally all should say no!

    Also benchmark your RAM. And try memtest, ideal 8 runs, free version is limited to 4 tho!

    Enable intel Speed Shift in BIOS, if you can!

    Disable HPET in bios, if you can. And try latencymon again. It is important to not do anything, while it is running and not run any programs. Do you use default setting? And leave it 30 minutes!

    You can try timer bench to find best timer!

    Use ISLC and set timer resolution to 0.5ms, also helps with DPC latency!

    Into elevated CMD paste bcdedit /set disabledynamictick yes, to revert bcdedit /deletevalue disabledynamictick. This will disable dynamic timer resolution, increases usage a power consumption like about 5%, it is not ecological. But Windows didn't implemented solution for timer per application basis, dynamic timer cause mouse acceleration - it is not an option for gamers!

    Maybe post drivers tab from latencymon, so we can see execution of DPC latency for all drivers and order them from highest execution time by descending.

    EDIT: you may want to enable in BIOS IOAPIC 24-119 Entries and definitely switch GPU to msi mode!
    Also How to Optimize a Windows Laptop for Low Latency Real Time Audio | The Dark Side of The Cat

    You may want to also set Windows to stop tolerating DPC latencies!
    Melody's Ultra Tweaks Pack - Basic Tweaks

    Do a system backup first for sure, you can backup specific registry keys too (right click/export)

    PS: If you want more troubleshooting I suggest you to check my guide: share gaming tweaks and chec my comprehensive list will blow your mind
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