Does anyone still use tune up utilities like CCleaner?

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    SteveC, do you have any versions friendly to Windows XP [mode] and Windows 7? I know this is a Windows 10 thread, however, I wonder if DriverStore Explorer will work on my two W7 laptops.
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    RolandJS said:
    ... I wonder if DriverStore Explorer will work on my two W7 laptops.
    Should do....

    This tool requires:
    • .NET Framework 4.5 or newer
    • Windows 7 or newer
    GitHub - lostindark/DriverStoreExplorer: Driver Store Explorer [RAPR]
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    Windows 7 Home Premium x64

    v5.77 of CCleaner recently came out

    time to get a new portable version of CCleaner
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    10 Home x64 (22H2) (10 Pro on 2nd pc)

    erpster4 said:
    v5.77 of CCleaner recently came out

    time to get a new portable version of CCleaner

    already done so
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    Windows 10 version 21H2

    Kol12 said:
    Does CCleaner still do a better job than Windows cleanup tools?
    I use it all the time . I have never had one issue with it . I even use the registry cleaner and have never had a single issue with that either . I love the tools section where you can disable apps from the startup file so they dont load at startup .
    It cleans all browsers in one shot and I use Firefox, Chrome , Edge , opera , Vivaldi and Seamonkey .
    I also found that Revo Uninstaller has very good cleanup utilities incorporated into it .
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    I don't really need it to clean my browser. That's just because I have done some tweaks to make Sandboxed Firefox Portable my default browser in such a particular way that Sandboxie forces Firefox Portable to run sandboxed if it is started via a junction, but non-sandboxed if it is started like normal. To create this junction, I used:
    mklink /J "C:\FirefoxPortable - sandboxed\FirefoxPortable" "C:\FirefoxPortable"
    So, a shortcut to "C:\FirefoxPortable\FirefoxPortable.exe" starts it like normal, whereas my default browser has been set to "C:\FirefoxPortable - sandboxed\FirefoxPortable\FirefoxPortable.exe", and, in my Sandbox Settings, under Program Start | Forced Folders, "C:\FirefoxPortable - sandboxed" has been added to the list in there.

    To set my default browser how I described, I used a .reg file like this:
    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
    [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\RegisteredApplications] "FirefoxPortable"="Software\Clients\StartMenuInternet\FirefoxPortable\Capabilities"
    @=" Firefox Portable"
    "ApplicationDescription"=" Firefox Portable"
    "ApplicationIcon"="C:\\FirefoxPortable - sandboxed\\FirefoxPortable\\FirefoxPortable.exe,0"
    "ApplicationName"=" Firefox Portable"
    ; you can add additional filetypes like .pdf if your browser supports it
    ; you can add additional protocols like mailto for example
    @="C:\\FirefoxPortable - sandboxed\\FirefoxPortable\\FirefoxPortable.exe,0"
    @="\"C:\\FirefoxPortable - sandboxed\\FirefoxPortable\\FirefoxPortable.exe\""
    @="FirefoxPortable Handler"
    "ApplicationIcon"="C:\\FirefoxPortable - sandboxed\\FirefoxPortable\\FirefoxPortable.exe,0"
    "ApplicationDescription"="Browse the web"
    "ApplicationCompany"=" Firefox Portable"
    @="C:\\FirefoxPortable - sandboxed\\FirefoxPortable\\FirefoxPortable.exe,0"
    ; your browser might offer different arguments here - %1 opens just the argument given
    @="\"C:\\FirefoxPortable - sandboxed\\FirefoxPortable\\FirefoxPortable.exe\" \"%1\""
    ...and I used this:
    SetDefaultBrowser HKCU FirefoxPortable

    SetDefaultBrowser 1.5 can be downloaded from here:
    SetDefaultBrowser Set the Default Browser per command line or script the kolbicz blog
    The explanation about the .reg file can be found here:
    Register a portable browser and make it the default the kolbicz blog

    As a real bonus, I can create multiple copies of my FirefoxPortable folder, and customize the browser configuration, addons, etc., individually for each instance. Just like I can create multiple sandboxes in Sandboxie, and set up their Forced Folders in such a way that will link different sandboxes to different instances. Switching default browser can now also be done merely by changing the target of the junction, by using the mklink command in a shortcut or script.

    Considering the fact Sandboxie comes with a command line interface, scripted automation can therefore be used for cleaning the whole browser immediately whenever I want so, not necessarily always restricted to cleaning just the 'Cookies and Site Data' and/or 'History' type stuff. And that is while concurrently running on multiple individually customized instances of Firefox, each one of which can also be cleaned, either individually or as groups. So, only the parts I want to be cleaned get cleaned, nothing gets cleaned before it needs to be.
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    Kol12 said:
    Does CCleaner still do a better job than Windows cleanup tools?
    It sadly doesn't, from my experience. If you install ccenhancer though, it will give you a better cleaning than windows own cleanup tools.
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    Kol12 said:
    Does CCleaner still do a better job than Windows cleanup tools?
    As is usually the case with most 3rd party apps such as CCleaner, they follow a design flow invented by their company which is supposed to give the appearance of a "yes" answer to your question. Problem is, they also, by design, tend to focus on 1 or 2 major areas and not others. If you combine several 3rd party "cleaners" in a blender and whip on high for 10 seconds, you come close to including the major areas Windows does that 3rd party does not. Right now, I'm thinking in the area of Windows Update Cleanup, and certain DISM processes to cleanup up reclaimable packages and superseded items.

    Add Wise Disk Cleaner and the CCEnhancer and you get close. DISM is the only way I know of to safely clean the component store.
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    I recommend you not to install Ccleaner, as you may have serious security problems. Today with Windows 10 you can perform a more thorough cleaning of Windows and without any risk.
    Let's go to Start and enter the configuration
    We choose the first option "System"
    In the list of side options click on "Storage"
    And then we click on "Temporary files" and delete the ones we want (all practitioners). Security experts recommend not using this program or similar ones. If you use them, your Windows 10 will give errors in the long run. For example, using the "disk cleanup C: already deletes more files than CCleaner Pro.
    Greetings. Does anyone still use tune up utilities like CCleaner?-1.jpg
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    My Windows 10 is so clean. Anyone knows how to make it more dirty?
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