Windows 10 (Reboot, Crash Problems)

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    Windows 10 (Reboot, Crash Problems)

    Hello Pals,
    The Problem That Occurs
    There is a problem that I've run into quite recently. Where I've turned my CPU off for the night, left it until morning with the Power Switch (OFF) - I come back to it sometime in the day (tomorrow) and find myself watching the start-up screen, (Computer Manufacture, Logo appears) Example: Medion. After that, the computer makes a double beep sound (That's normal) and continues the start-up process. After going through the Logo part, going through to the Windows 10 (Loading screen) - It will sometimes just not do anything, requiring a restart / reboot. Sometimes it will decide to just reboot itself, where it will then go through the ongoing problem like before: Reboot Loop. I know there was an update that was supposed to fix this problem. However, this is a problem that occurs less now. The fact is that it occurs 2-3 times and then after several restarts of me pushing the ON / OFF button; it works. I'm sick of having to restart my CPU just so it works. Look, this should not be the case with any OS. I'm disappointed so far with the updates that Windows 10 has given us.

    Some are more accepting than others. It's just, I can't get over how annoying this is. And to then find that I'm not the only one with this ongoing problem annoys me even more. Just imagine if Windows 10 wasn't FREE. You'd all want your cash back at some point. Dollars, 's or whatever the currency you paid for. Thankfully it is free, so, I can't complain too much about these problems. As it is early days for Windows 10. And I'm sure there will be more fixes on the way with consistent bug fixes too. My question is...

    Does anyone know how to fix this?
    And the reason I know it is Windows 10 causing this problem: I tried Windows 7 and no problems at all. There was no reboot issues, crashing when watching Youtube Videos. Everything was smooth as always. I can see why people stay with Windows 7 at the moment. It's just way more polished, fixed, and just overall reliable. Windows 10 is in early days, so, I'm not going to complain anymore. I'd just like to know if anyone on this forums knows anything about this BUG / Problem. And if anyone knows a solution. Please let me know in the comments below.

    If you too have this problem or something similar:
    Write a comment below discussing it, and I'll try to help best I can.
    We just need to work together.

    Windows 10 Community,
    Microsoft Community,

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    Not much to say really... I think I'm going to keep this(Edited) updating it with what I have tried for solutions and what I am in the process of trying. This will allow you all to follow up on the solutions, (if I find one) and will help those who have the same problem in the future get through it with ease. So, this is not a bump for this thread. This is a message as well as a trial and error type thing.

    I hope I can help you all, supportive.

    After some searching around the Web, I found a similar problem but that is still linked to the last bug fix. Still checking it though.
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