Java usage to high while playing minecraft/related

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    Java usage to high while playing minecraft/related

    Java usage is to high while playing games using java (Mostly Minecraft)

    At idle java uses only using about 1-2% CPU usage, but when it comes to playing minecraft it increases to 15%-50%.

    When i decrease the amount of FPS Minecraft makes the lower the percentage goes..

    Here's a example of me playing minecraft:

    Above shows applications like:
    OBS- Open Broadcast Software

    and even

    Google Chrome has to many open..

    Things ive done:
    Reinstalled Java
    Cleared Java Cache
    Updated Nvidia Driver
    ADWCLEANER- Found no malware

    Please its been like this for a week now ! And nobody has a fix for it
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    I see nothing wrong with the screenshots. If you don't want Minecraft to be using your CPU stop playing it. Also Chrome is suppose to have a lot of processes running, nothing wrong with that.

    Seriously. For the computer to actually function it needs to use your CPU. You do know it doesn't hurt it if it goes over 80% usage right?

    ZOMG! This program is using 100% CPU!1! Think of the puppies!!11!!1!1!eleven
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    Yes, I completely agree with "logicearth" and the "ZOMG! This program is using 100% CPU" link was quite a good joke or laugh.

    Using CPU is not a bad thing. Unless it is something that is necessary.
    Playing your blocky "Minecraft" game is what you're focused on, so it shouldn't mind you.
    It is not a bad thing to use CPU. Heck, encoding 4K videos takes a lot of my cores and CPU percentage.
    And yes, if you decrease the amount of frames per second your video game takes (or resolution), it is definitely going to take less CPU, because you're not using as much resources. Had you put your video game in 1FPS, your CPU would not be taking a lot of load.
    However, if you do want to use less CPU power, just:

    1. DON'T PLAY MINECRAFT or put it on the worst resolution and graphics.
    2. Set it to 1FPS so it does not slow down your background applications.
    3. Delete Minecraft so it does not use any resources and would never will.

    For Google Chrome (a lot of tabs):
    1. Close ALL tabs except one to keep open. Or don't use Chrome, heck use even I.E/Edge or at least Firefox/Opera. (Google Chrome is a resource hog.)
    2. Uninstall ALL plugins.
    3. Now uninstall Google Chrome because it's a resource hog and use Opera, or even Edge/I.E. (Firefox is a little bit of a resource hog.)

    And if you're system is using any CPU power:
    1. Turn it off completely
    2. Plug it out the switch.
    3. Using a hammer, smash the internals into pieces (especially the CPU, don't want that bad boy to automagically turn on.)
    4. Throw it in the e-waste dump.
    A little sarcasm is a person's medicine, eh?

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    Guys seriously that's not the answer, "my car overheats because I'm using it", "then stop using it".

    @TacticNinjaHD could you provide us with a list of programs that run on startup. Minecraft does use around 1gb of memory and thats perfectly normal.

    Right click on taskbar and select task manager
    Go to Start-up tab

    You can disable various things in there such as the java updater. If your memory is tight then this makes sense but please list whats in there before proceeding. Do a screenshot if you want.

    Also note that ADWCLEANER is not a malware remover, it simply removes ads and pups. For a more thorough recommendation try Malwarebytes.
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    To add to what the two above me posted, Minecraft requires Java (though there is a way to get around it, I believe). While you're playing Minecraft, Java CPU usage WILL definitely spike up depending on how active you are in the game. And to emphasize, THIS IS NORMAL.

    Or maybe you need to check with the developers of Minecraft for a possible 'memory leak' with the game. Also, this is NOT the Minecraft support forum.
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    I wonder if the new Minecraft for Windows 10 uses Java because thats essentially a modern app.

    edit: I just ran it and couldn't see Java in the task manager.
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    We have some confusion going on here.

    First of all, the PC edition of Minecraft always used Java, and you will see it using CPU when you run Minecraft. This is normal, and I'm not sure why this is causing the OP to be concerned.

    There is a new (Beta) version of "Minecraft for Windows 10" available in the Windows Store. Apparently Mojang converted the code from Java to C++ to run natively under Windows. When this version is running, there should be no Java running. This is not the same thing as the Minecraft PC (or Mac) edition.

    If you are running "Minecraft for Windows 10" and you see Java running, it is another application on your system that is using Java. A completely different issue entirely. There are a number of desktop apps that use Java. Crashplan is one example.
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    swarfega said:
    Guys seriously that's not the answer, "my car overheats because I'm using it", "then stop using it".
    That analogy does not fit here in this case. If the computer was overheating then it would fit. But here it is more like complaining about your car using the gas in the tank when you are running it. Either way. The OP is running Minecraft, it uses Java, it is going to use CPU cycles you cannot avoid it.
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