Cannot trace down why multiple PCs are waking

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    Cannot trace down why multiple PCs are waking

    Was running W7 Pro and 8.1 on another. Upgraded to 10 last week. Every since then both totally different machines (diff prev OS, diff MB, etc) wake up in the middle of the night. Is there some way to trace down what is doing it?

    Looked at this so far:
    powercfg /lastwake shows 0
    powercfg /waketimers "There are no active wake timers in the system"
    Neither the App or System Event log shows anything between when it was put to sleep and when, what, or why it woke
    I checked every single windows scheduled tasks including the long list of Windows and none show started
    Wake timers in power are disabled
    Mouse is setup to allow wake and Network only allow wake with magic packet which I use
    Hibernation is disabled
    Updated graphics drivers to latest W10 supported

    So what happens is I put my machine (not laptop) to sleep from start menu-shutdown-sleep like I have always done to keep my stuff open. The next morning when I get up I check and the machine has turned on and my disk activity light is lit up solid, like old XP defrag would do. Not sure if its my SSD activity or my secondary HDD. When this happens both my monitors are black and I cannot do anything. Mouse, keyboard etc does nothing to wake video, yet its on and churning away. No idea what time it does this.

    The only way to stop it is hard boot which could be why there is nothing in the event log.

    Anyone have another idea? Is there some kind of event I can have fire off on power up or something to write a log as to whats happening since there appears to be nothing anywhere?? At least no where I know where to look. Like I said, doing this on both machines I have. Both are totally different.

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    Just a guess, but check when Windows checks for updates. By default it is set to 3:00 AM, change that. It also, on shutdown goes into a Hybrid Sleep mode. Go to power >Change what the power buttons do > Change settings not normally available > uncheck fast startup. See if that makes any difference.

    This will show how to disable Fast Startup.
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    Thanks. I never changed the default WUs settings so guessing it was still 3AM. I went into gpedit and set the following:
    Enable Windows update power mgt to wake etc - Disabled
    Configure Auto Updates - Enabled - Download only and notify for install.

    Currently my power button action is set to Shutdown
    Sleep and disks are set to 1 hour
    Wake Timers disabled

    Checked the fast startup and I do not have that option in there. Guessing because I have it disabled in the bios. I
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    I'll put it to sleep tonight like I always do and see if its on in the morning.
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    In your wake on lan setting, you have magic packet enabled, do you also have pattern matching? I've seen that cause this very issue.
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    Thx weirddave, I'll check that when I get home. Not sure to be honest. This morning when I got up my machine was actually off. So I was curious if it woke and then went to sleep after 1 hour which I changed it to. Sure enough something is going on.

    Normally when I turn it on I get the logon screen with the windows logo on the right etc etc. This morning though when I woke it from sleep, the background was different, the windows laser logo was gone, only had my name and password box. Once awake the mouse nor keyboard worked. Had to hard boot it to get it to work. Never had a single issue prior to going to w7 to 10.

    Since I have upgraded from 7 to 10, I'm thinking perhaps just copying off my user files, wiping the SSD and just installing fresh. Any idea if this is acceptable sicne I already upgraded once or do I need to purchase a copy?
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    Windows 11 Pro

    Once you do the upgrade and Windows is activated, you are supposed to be able to do a clean install with no problems. Make sure you are activated first though, and please notice I said supposed to. MSFT had turned off the activation servers for a while, and a lot of people have had problems activating. But, they have supposed to have turned them back on now. Once activated, you are not supposed to have problems with a clean install.
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