After I upgraded my laptop to Windows 10, I moved on to do a clean install of that OS. But what I noticed was that after I installed a few drivers, (Intel HD Graphics + nVidia + Chipset, maybe I wasn't installing enough?) after log-in the laptop seem to freeze and takes a long, long time before I can finally use the explorer. I never had this problem before the clean re-install. Same thing when I attempt to install a program. After one attempt to re-do everything and still having the same problem, I had enough and had to do a clean re-install on my Windows 7.

It seems to behave as if my laptop is an ancient, but its not. My laptop is a 6G RAM Acer Aspire V3 471G, with nVidia GeForce GT 630M 2G video graphics. (Sorry, but I'm a total loss when it comes to HDD or SDD, but I do have 1.) Now, I wanted to take everything slow, and wanted to try to do the upgrade + clean install Windows 10 again, but at the same time I'm worried I could face the same problem again. It could be due to the fact I didn't install enough drivers for it to work, so I need advice on the order of hardware/drivers re-installation after a clean install on Windows 10 to prevent another hiccup of constant freezing.