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    How To Stop telemetry

    What is the best way to stop Windows 10 telemetry short of disconnecting from the internet? I'm finding conflicting articles with some saying to edit group policy and others staying that it can't be stopped. The best guide I've found is this one: Stop Windows 10 spying on you using just Windows Firewall It lists some servers to block using windows firewall. What about an external firewall using another computer such as a raspberry? I would be willing to do that but is there a guide on how to do so?
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    Consider that MS uses telemetry to monitor the roll-out of builds and updates in an attempt to discover what's going wrong (and they really really need to do that.. again with build 2004).

    It is unlikely that they wish to steal photos of your dog, and presumably your financial information is secure (and anyway, have you seen how MS's share price has performed?).

    One user posting about a problem they had encountered found that one part of it was due to a particular tool they had used for 'privacy' purposes.

    If you consider MS telemetry is a risk, then presumably you never ever use
    - cloud services (including Onedrive)
    - email
    - any form of synching between devices

    All of these make your data potentially visible to someone.

    And naturally you will always be using a VPN...

    If concerned about MS telemetry, you must think much, much more widely about the much more significant ways your activity is visible. You might suggest 'air-gapping' your PC- no connection to the internet- and a Faraday cage, of course. Who knows what China or Russia might do?

    Hope that gives you some thought. (Topic has been discussed a number of times on tenforums- feel free to search for more).
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    Thread Starter

    I didn't come hereto discuss the semantics behind allowing or not allowing telemetry but only on how to stop it. I don't feel comfortable switching to 10 until I've blocked telemetry. Your opinion is noted and appreciated.
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    I don't think I've ever heard anyone contend telemetry can be totally defeated in Windows 10.

    You can look at Shut Up 10, an application from O and O that has a lot of telemetry settings. You can turn off any and all toggle switches within Windows 10 settings related to privacy.

    But I don't know why any of that would give you a lot of confidence.

    It's like trying to use Google only as a search engine, when it is constantly trying to get its nose (even further) under the edge of your tent.

    I'm sure there are any number of guides and web sites that will promise how they can protect your privacy. Why would you accept those claims? Who benefits from the claims?
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    One perhaps not to use that caused someone to ask for help - Blackbird. The user eventually found part of the symptom arose from that.

    Whichever you choose, chose one that makes reversing its changes easy so if you have problems you can check they are not due to the 'privacy' program before asking for help.
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    townsbg said:
    I didn't come hereto discuss the semantics behind allowing or not allowing telemetry but only on how to stop it. I don't feel comfortable switching to 10 until I've blocked telemetry. Your opinion is noted and appreciated.
    Use a pen, paper and stamps to communicate for security
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    Win 10 Pro (1903) (2nd PC is 21H2)

    And a cipher of course. Hmm, how about a PC-based emulation of the enigma machine?

    Meanwhile, back on topic:
    Stop telemetry-1.png

    And be prepared to see this message:
    Some settings are managed by your organization
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    The ones I use:

    SharpApp & SpyDish

    Apps | Mirinsoft ❤︎


    Instructions - W10Privacy

    When installing Windows 10:

    Set up a local account - not a microsoft account

    Decline "Activity History" "Cortana" "Speech Recognition" "Let apps use your location" "Find my device"

    Set "send diagnostic data to microsoft" to Basic.

    Decline "Improve inking & typing" "Get tailored experiences with diagnostic data" "Let apps use advertising ID"

    Then there's a fair amount of other stuff that you could disable or remove but doing so might leave you unable to update windows.
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    Windows 10 Home 64 bit

    O&O ShutUp10

    Along with Macrium Reflect, they are absolute musts on my system.
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    Welcome townsbg,

    I still use Win 7 as my main OS (Also have Lubuntu and Win 10 just to confirm that Win 7 is great)

    What programs / apps to use to tweak Win 10
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