Windows 10: Hard Drive speed plummets for no reason.

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  1.    13 Aug 2015 #1

    3rd party apps run slower after an hour or so.

    I've recently been having this problem where accessing files from my any of my six hard drives takes about 10x longer than usual. It used to be that I could double-click on an image and it'd come up instantly, now it takes a good 3 or 4 seconds. This is pretty much true of all the files on my computer, and running programs takes a good long while as well. This just started happening today, and I think the only change that happened was that Windows downloaded an update. I'm wondering if anyone else here has heard of any problems like this.

    A way that I've managed to fix it temporarily was to install the mobo drivers from the website, then restart the computer. This works for a few hours, then goes back to the long read times. Also, when I do a search for an item, it says up top "We're getting search ready", and I don't know if that has anything to do with my issue.

    My mobo is a GA-Z97X-Gaming 7 motherboard with an Intel 4790k cpu and I have a EVGA 970GTX. I have six HD's, two of which are SSD's...all of which are experiencing increased read times.

    Thanks everyone.

    Edit: Something new has come up. The problem has changed.
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  2.    13 Aug 2015 #2

    I would try disconnecting one hard drive at a time, leaving the others running and see if one is causing the problem. If one is possibly having read errors it could slow down everything while the system is trying to read it.
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  3.    14 Aug 2015 #3

    Ran crystaldiskinfo and it said that the oldest drive in my computer was showing caution, so I got everything running good again, then pulled the drive. It takes about an hr from when I start it up to when performance degrades, so I'll be able to see if this drive is the culprit.
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  4.    14 Aug 2015 #4

    The plot thickens. It doesn't appear to be an issue with the hard drives after all, but the applications. Using Windows native apps allows the files to open right away, using other apps causes the slowdown after an hour or so.

    After an hr, Irfanview opens pics slow. Windows photo viewer works right away

    I uninstalled VLC and Media Player Classic, as they already were seeming to take awhile, but Windows Media Player works just fine.

    Even 7zip is running slow, whereas opening archives through Windows Explorer works right away.

    No idea why this started happening, and no idea why this is temporarily fixed by reinstalling motherboard drivers. I'm going to install the drivers one at a time and see which one actually does the fixing...then I'll try to go from there.
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  5.    14 Aug 2015 #5

    I reinstalled/repaired the Intel Management Engine Components, and that seemed to be the temporary fix. Except that I reinstalled VLC and MPC and those still load slow in comparison to Windows Media Player, but everything else works just fine...for now. Irfanview and 7zip work like they should.
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  6.    14 Aug 2015 #6

    Another thing I should probably point out is that the folders themselves load up just fine, and that once the programs are loaded up, then they run normally, and are able to browse files regularly. If I close the program, then I'll have to relaunch it to get the performance back.
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  7.    15 Aug 2015 #7

    Thought I'd go ahead and toss out another little update here. Ran memtest for 2 hours, got 46 errors, but they were all test 13 errors, which is the Hammer Test. From some studying I've done, it seems that failing the Hammer Test isn't a guarantee of failure in the ram. Also, when I set the test to use the full eight cores of my cpu, my ram passed the Hammer Test. After I wake up, I'm going to remove one of the two ram sticks and run the test again. See what happens.
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  8.    15 Aug 2015 #8

    Hi there

    Try Monitoring with HWINFO HWiNFO, HWiNFO32 HWiNFO64 - Hardware Information, Analysis and Monitoring Tools

    Also you can report to a file I've set mine to write to a log file every 5 Mins and you can decide what info to take.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	sensors.png 
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Size:	33.3 KB 
ID:	31508

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  9.    15 Aug 2015 #9

    Well, I'm doing the ram tests now. I removed one stick and the problem remained, so I changed the sticks and it seems to be better for now. Of course, it was fine earlier...but VLC still loaded slower when it was working and it's loading pretty fast now. I'll give it an hour to see if the problem does indeed lie with the ram. Still, if that doesn't work, then I'll try your item. Thanks.
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  10.    15 Aug 2015 #10

    So when I monitor, what is it that I'm looking for? I'm starting to think that this might not work, since 7 Zip is still taking longer than it should, and programs seem like they are taking longer to launch than they should.
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