hi guys,

i recently bought one new battery for my asus and noticed something odd. I put the laptop to sleep the other day and i think i had 30% or something, then when switched the power on it had 0% after only 7-8 hours of MY sleep :). this is like the 3rd time happening since i have this new battery like 1 month.

long story short, contact the manufacturer as it's brand new, they sent some tips.... then i noticed that exact same thing happened on my work Dell with an original Dell battery and older than my new one. put it to sleep, i think 50% then in 1-2 days (can remember exactly) down to 0%.

my dell computer had the network cable plugged in all night, and no, network device "wake up" was unticked. and my comp instead was on wifi that night it went to 0%.

so hence the question: is there any service or something that sucks the battery drive when in standby? surely an innocent tiny led will not consume the battery in such a short time?

it's very random, last night put PC in standby, just turned it on now and all fine, battery levels normal maybe 1% less than last night or even nothing.

my windows version is

windows 10 64 bit home // 1909

and my work dell has windows 10 64-bit enterprise instead, i think it's on 1809 still.