Hiya! I hope that this is in the right place, but... can someone help me?

I've been having issues with my Toshiba laptop since, day one. I, obviously, had Windows 8.1 when I got this laptop, which was 6 months ago, just after Xmas and that had problems. Lagging whenever it wanted to, freezing whenever, couldn't handle more than a few apps open at one time, causing webpages to buffer, music to jutter and things to be laggy and end up falling unresponsive. My laptop was sent to be cleaned out, a few months ago, despite being new but that didn't solve anything. After one day, it went really laggy again and here we are with it being how it was before this was even taken to be 'cleaned', so something must be going wrong. I had CPU and Memory very high then, too, so... what? Help...

When I first installed Windows 10, it seemed a li'l better but after a few days, back to square one again... It lags and it goes unresponsive and it can't handle doing stuff that a laptop should be able to do. I'm not running fancy games on it, nothing. Just Skype, Clementine, which is a music player, Opera and maybe a word-like program to write stories with and Audacity. Sometimes it's just Skype, but that'll be enough for it to fall...

Anyone have any ideas what is wrong? I've put all my computer details in, so you can find them in the drop-down tab, I think, if it worked. Here's a screen-shot of the issues, too.Click image for larger version. 

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