Since installing Win 10 RTM, I have some weird perf issues that manifest themselves in the mouse being erratic and hard to control. I move the mouse, the cursor stays where it is. Then it moves a fraction of a inch in the direction I'd moved it. It does this for a while and then works fine for a while.

Doesn't seem to be app specific, though it's worse in a Chrome window or anything that's graphics-heavy like videos or games. I am using the MS Wireless Mouse 5000 because I need a wireless mouse (PC is ~6 feet away) but that distance never mattered before.

II am suspecting video driver, but I got the latest version from NVidia (GeForce GT 440) just after updating to Win 10. When I go to Task Manager (AWESOME update BTW!) CPU is <50%, RAM and HD util are moderate so I don't think it's resource starvation.

Any other thoughts? It's not just driving me nuts, it's making my PC unusable. I may just uninstall the NVidia driver to confirm my suspicion, but I'd rather work with it than without it.