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    I have left dell and got a Lenovo which im very happy with. My question is please, my wife has a dell inspirion 15 3000 series. When bought it was windows 8.2, when the free windows 10 upgrade was offered I ran the test that was provided and it was deemed this laptop would take windows 10, so went ahead, all went well. My wife does not have much on her pc mostly uses it for ancestary, etc.
    Now on start up and shut down it takes ages even to open a tile it takes a while. when it comes to doing a scan we use kaspersky, before that avg paid version, her scan takes 5/6 hours, mine takes about 22 minutes. but as it is scanning and look at the number of files it says it has scanned wow far more than mine and i have a lot more stuff on my laptop, is it possible that when it was upgraded to windows 10 did windows 8.2 also stay on pc?

    Can I check this any way, also can anything be done to speed things up or shall I dump yet another dell and buy her also Lenovo. thank you for any help/advice offered.
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    Hi, you have a number of basic things to consider.
    takes ages even to open a tile
    a. When logged in, are resources being heavily used? (CPU/RAM/disk). Have a look at the task manager.

    b. You say it's very slow to boot.
    Now on start up and shut down it takes ages
    Please check the disk - e.g. HDTune v2.55 Health and Error Scan tabs.
    Hard Disk Sentinel (SSDs too) -trial- gives the best instant analysis right on its GUI for each disk.

    If ok, please run
    chkdsk c: /scan
    from an admin command or Powershell prompt and report the result.

    c. If those are ok, please run
    from an admin command or Powershell prompt and report the result.

    d. How much free space is there on C: ?

    is it possible that when it was upgraded to windows 10 did windows 8.2
    Perhaps that's 8.1? When an upgrade occurs, the Windows.old folder created for reversion is deleted by default after a set period of days. You can check if that still exists. Otherwise all system files are replaced.

    Of course, the slowness may be attributable to a hardware fault: an easy comparison would be to boot from a live boot disk and see whether there are any basic issues.
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    Thank you so much for your reply, sounds all very complicated, Im in the old gits league, I try to keep abreast of techno, but some things I just dont understand, I will try to see if I can do what you have said.
    I did a full scan on my pc 16 minutes 474,000 files, now bear in mind I I have more on my pc than my wife, her scan has now been running just over 2hours with only 40% done and 855,000 files scanned, I just dont know whats happening here.
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    Hi, understood. I'm not so young now either.

    You may feel more comfortable if you ask a friend or relative who is more familiar with these things to help you.

    What I have suggested is nothing whatsoever to do with virus scanning. It is to do with the basic parameters:

    - is the disk working
    - is the file system intact
    - are the system files intact
    - is the engine running at full speed (CPU) or is it idle
    - is the disk too full for the system to run, or is there enough space

    These are really elementary checks.
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    If I might pop in.

    Please also check that you are scanning the same thing. Some scans are quick scans, some all full and include all partitions.

    As to the number of files, in my history older systems have more files. I came across one device with four different printers installed, every time a new one was acquired no one removed the old. Along with the printer comes all the bloatware.

    Then there is simply all the stuff that natural accumulates. I didn't realize that for every Garmin update it was actually downloading and storing files on a permanent basis. There are old office products, photo organizers from different digital cameras, etc.

    So on the wife's machine go through and clean up expired apps, expired devices and run Windows Disk cleanup.

    Open every browser on machine and clear browsing data, of course this means you need to know all your passwords as keep me logged in will fail.

    As to the shear speed your wife device is going to longer. I'll bet your new device has a faster harddrive, more memory and faster memory and even more CPU's. Might be wrong on one item but a new machine I'm going to guess has better characteristics.
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    sorry for late reply, but have looked at most of what you have told me. From my limited knowledge all seems to be working ok. When Ive scanned my laptop, and my wifes (or when she does it I always check it is full scan)
    What Caledon Ken said, I found this disk clean up and that removed old files etc, totaling 7.9GB wow thank you, i then went to settings >Apps, and all these things that my wife said she had never used, in fact didnt even know they were there so ive deleted them.
    Now I have one question about 6 things ive seen on her laptop, (remember seeing things the same on my old laptop, but never knew nor do I now know what they are) that is:
    Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable 3.22mb 26/08/14, another has 2010 instead of 2005, one has 2008
    and one has Microsoft Visual C++ x64 redistributable 18.5 mb 26/08/14. There are six in total what are they and can i get rid of them, I found them when I went in to Apps. Many thanks for all your help.
    PS Ive just looked on my new laptop and I have 4 of them!!
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    Hi, unfortunately you've not apparently answered my questions or responded to my suggestions, so I will give you a very brief reply. Leave those well alone.
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    Hi Dalchina,
    sorry about the oversight, but sadly for me where you said these are basic things, IE is disk working, is file system intact etc etc for me with the exception of one question I had to type into my search engine how do i do the things you asked, so sadly not basics for me.
    I used CHKDSK, then DISM. exe/online/cleanup-image/restorehealth, then SFC.exe then perfmon/neport
    none of this means nothing to me but it did not say anywhere I had issues, I have 389 GB free space on the hard drive.
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