System lagging - Can hear jitter/stutter in sound and see it in video

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    Windows 10

    System lagging - Can hear jitter/stutter in sound and see it in video


    I have a problem with my system where it seems to lag or stutter... You can hear it in audio every few seconds.

    You can also see a slight stutter in videos or when a song is playing back in Reckordbox or Ableton for example.

    I have tried updating Graphics Card driver. I have the latest one..
    I have taken out the Ram and put back in because I have just moved the machine
    I also tried turning on and off xmp.. System had crashed a few times.

    Some times it works no problem all day and then its starts again.

    Any ideas what might be the issue??


    Win 10
    i7 6700 k -
    NZXT Kracken x61 Watercooler
    16 DDR4 3200
    GTX 970
    240g SSD OS Drive
    120g SSD
    1TB Disk Drive
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    Windows 10

    switch rams , also keep an instant of task manager running on top for a while sorted by CPU usage , if it happens again check CPU usage and top most app , report back if there was no CPU usage during stuttering .
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    OK I will try this. As when I took the RAM out I just put them back into the same slot they were in.

    Also, do you mean just swap them but keep in same two slot??

    Or swap to the two unused slots??

    EG They are now in the two grey slots.. Should I try them in the two black slots??

    I will keep and eye on the CPU. I was tryin to keep an eye on the GPU while this was goin on too...

    Ill report back after work

    - - - Updated - - -

    OK so I have tried switching the RAM... But just a straight swap. Kept same slots but just switched what stick was in each slot.

    I have also been keeping an eye on the cpu for the day. I have been workin on my computer all day and it actually hasnt been happening for most of the day. But after my lunch and the PC had been asleep for about an hour then it started to happen again and has been ever since. System lagging - Can hear jitter/stutter in sound and see it in video-cpu-use.png

    Screenshot here on CPU... I have just been running a Youtube video and its happening now with no spikes in the CPU.

    Could this be cause by the graphics Card maybe???

    Or any ideas??

    Thanks for the help

    - - - Updated - - -

    OK so only after I posted the screen garbage I noticed that Network panel on there looked to be spiking.

    I turned off the WIFI and i stopped the issue for now... Turned it back on and it started again.

    So maybe I I have some Malware or Virus... Or at least something is tryin to send something causing this..
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    Windows 10

    Ok so basically you have been talking about getting cuts in "streamed" music and videos ?

    Man you are from Italy , your entire population is sitting home playing with the internet , your internet has to go slow accordingly ..

    There are three things to try still to make sure you are not a victim of malware :
    1 - Download and install and do a scan with MalwareBytes
    2 - Open Task Manager on Processes tab then head to Network column and click it till it sort descending and see what are the top few services consuming the internet
    3 - Call your ISP and ask them to trouble shoot a slowed down connection , they can confirm if its a global thing or just you
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    No, I'm from Ireland man. Not Italy. The flag is dam close though.. lol But Ireland is also in Semi-Lockdown. So there defo will be a lot more people online right now...

    The reason I did not think it was to do with the internet is that this is happening with mp3s saved to the computer, it also happens in reckord box and abelton. I also noticed some task in Illustrator were pretty slow... to the point it was unusable... So its not just youtube videos or streaming thats lagging or glittiching. It happens across the board on everything...

    Before I came on her asking for help I had already done the norm, run anit-virus and Malwarbytes etc... had them all up to date....

    Im close to doing a fresh install but I need my PC for work and the hassle of gettin everything set back up is a bit much. So i want to try fix before I go do that...

    There is a good chance it is hardware....

    - - - Updated - - -

    Sorry I should also add i checked the network tab as you suggested and dont seem to be anything in there that should not be there. I can see anything using the network that i'm not using..

    Thanks again for helping btw
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    Hope this post finds you well then

    Honestly there are zillion reasons why a local stutter could happen .

    For starters this could be a failing hard disk drive with "close to bad" (slow read) to "bad" clusters , slow reading from the hard disk can produce such effect for one .

    Blown capacitors on mother board can cause that .

    Outdated DHCI driver can cause that too .

    Check for these before i add new suggestion .
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    Just for extra info... run LatencyMon (Home version is free - from Rasplendence) and check if there is bottleneck somewhere in your system
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    So I have been trying to find a solution to this all day. Trying different things to get it to stop or see what is the problem.

    There is actually another thread on here where someone is having the same kinda issues. It was down to bitdefender in that case but I dont have bit defender. So my thinking is that it is something to do with AV. Im running Eset Nod 32.

    I tried to disable as much as I could to see if that helped but nothing. I completely uninstalled Eset and that still didnt work.

    So what I done was use my phone as a hotspot. There was no issues with the phone when using. So it has to be the router in the house. I have tried simply turning it on and off. Actually kinda reduced the problem but did not eliminate it altogether...

    My next step will be to maybe try a different WiFI channel.. Its a long time since I done anything to do with Networks or anything like it so im goin to just research a bit before i start pricking around with any of it... Also with now being forced to work from home I dont want to risk messing anything up for now.

    I will also try this LatencyMon to see if that shows anything. Ill let ya know how I get on/

    Thanks guys
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    Windows 10 (Pro and Insider Pro)

    If it is your router causing the mess, LatecyMon won't help. It'll probably show that network driver is having too much latency... but you know that now.

    Your idea is fine... fine tune wifi channels. move any other 2,4 (or 5) Ghz devices away from router, and if this doesn't work, can you connect with ethernet?
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    windows 10

    Hey, Im in Australia and since the last WU my machines been lagging like a mofo also
    hence why i have been having a look around these forums and stumbled across your post.
    usually this machine runs smoothly
    even tho its an old dell 3543 running 1909 ver 18363.720
    it seems too be pretty cpu intensive at the moment and not sure why , just have the usual firefox and chrome open and the vpn and its really laggy..mouse stutter n so forth, under process manager ..its saying chrome is being a resource hog..just trying to watch youtube the machine lagging bad, shut down chrome and youtubes still laggy
    guess will wait for the next WU to see if that fixes the issues
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