HDD spinning down/clicking every 30 seconds

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  1. Nus
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    Win 10 Pro 64bit

    Good work, brother.

    At least we got to the root of the problem and thankfully it wasn't 'defective' hardware, or though, I guess that's a matter of opinion, lol.
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    Windows 10 Professional

    Hi Guys,

    I've registered to this forum only for this post because I'm facing the same problem... and the funny thing, also seeing this problem intensively with Clicker Heroes.
    One thing I can assure you, it's definitively coming with windows 10.
    I've build my system in 2010, first with 2 x 1TB Samsung SATA drives in RAID 1 and Windows 7 with Intel RST drives. Run smoothly.
    I bought later on a SSD (Samsung 840) and moved to Windows 8 then 8.1 by installing it on SSD directly. My RAID 1 has still the "active" partition. I didn't reinstalled the Intel RST drivers.
    Here again... system was stable as a rock.
    For a couple of week, I've updated my Win8.1 to Win10 and noticed this clicking noise.
    I was supecting a dying drives, but because of the RAID stuff, it's not that simple to test a physical drive. Was simply waiting that something died, but nothing died.

    A friend of mine, with almost the same kind of config, bought a SSD this week and made a clean Win10 install on it.
    And he told me the day after that his sata drives are doing also this clicking noise suddenly.

    That the day I've started to search and found this thread/forum.

    I've installed quietHDD and unfortunately the intel RST drivers, (wanted to see if it was able to say something about my RAID).
    After the reboot (due to intel drivers), my Win10 didn't boot up anymore, wasn't restorable and after a couple of hours, I decided to reinstall it ...
    (you'll find threads about those f*ck**g Intel Drivers and Windows 10 as well, DO NOT INSTALL THEM ON WIN10).

    All this to say that the APM may be the problem we're facing, but it comes definitively with Windows 10 together, because I didn't changed anything else, my friend either.

    With quietHDD running, I'm not always seeing this pikes on HDD Performance view from Task Manager every 30 seconds anymore, but they're still coming from time to time.
    Settings used in quietHDD: APM 255, AAM 254. (The default values after starting the tool). I don't know if something else should be set here.
    I tried to click on "disable HDD APM now", but got a system freeze (about 10 minute long) a couple of minute later and a nice bluescreen.
    I could imagine that quietHDD can't really handle the RAID config.

    PS: I played another game installed on one partition of my RAID, Heroes of the Storm, and had recurring massive lags... I moved the game to SSD, and the lags were gone. This game hasn't any issue on the old partition under Windows 8.1.

    I will certainly buy new drives, remove my RAID and install all the stuff again... but something is really weird.

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    Windows 10

    I had this problem two times. First when updated the Win7 to Win10. The 2nd when I updated the Win10 to version 1511.
    I have two Samsung 1GB - HD103SJ in Raid 0. (+SSD for Win).

    My solution was 2 times:
    1. Turn off the PC
    2. unplug and change the two HDD sata connection on the main board to other positions
    3. restart 2 times and check the click noise under windows
    4. power off
    5. unplug and change back the two HDD sata connection to the original position
    6. power on.... after that I not hear the click noise

    I use the Intel Raid version. (later versions always makes me the click noise)
    After windows update uninstall and reinstall needed for Intel Raid driver.
    I used this:
    Intel Rapid Storage Technology Version WHQL

    Sorry for my bad English. I hope this will help others to solve this problem.
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    Windows 7 & 10

    I have the same problem. Im 100% sure that is a Windows 10 issue becouse it never happens with Windows 7 (just one click at BIOS post)


    Just Disable the APM (Function -> Advanced Features -> AAM/APM Control) then select the problematic drive

    Just click on diasable and close.

    The program must be running on background (set to start with windows). But finally i don't hear that annoying sound of death
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    Windows 7 Professional X64

    I had a similar issue with dual booting Win7 and win10 without Clicker Heroes. My HDD would make clicking noise in windows 10, but not in windows 7. After a few months I started noticing that each time i boot into windows 7 (after previously booting to windows 10) my hdd's get scanned with check disk, and after a while all kinds of errors started showing up leading to loss of more than 1TB of data on my Seagate ST2000DX00something (hybrid drive). I ended up backing up what was left and then doing hdd regenerator to fix more than 200 bad sectorrs and then low level format using lowvel to enable the usage of previously fixed bad sectors. I still use that hard drive with windows 7. I won't install windows 10 untill i discover what causes the clicking noise and data loss/disk surface corruption under windows 10. I gues that constant head parking can be the cause. will try with crystal diskinfo, but I don't want to risk loosing any more data.
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