odd EVENT Errors After MS Tuesday Update on January 14, 2020.

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    W10x64 - v.1909 Build 18363.592

    odd EVENT Errors After MS Tuesday Update on January 14, 2020.

    Windows 10x64 v.1909 Build 18363.592

    My PC accepted the monthly Tuesday updates from MS on 01.14.2020. The Event Viewer showed some odd Errors thereafter. The Service Control Manager experienced numerous Errors 7000 and 7009.
    7000 description: failed to start due to the following error: The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion.
    7009 description:timeout (1572864 milliseconds) while waiting for the Browser service to connect.
    I had no luck finding remedial information on Google as the two errors above kept occurring.
    Also, my search on TenForums did not lead to any remedial suggestions.

    I noticed that W10 Service entitled 'Browser' was not running despite being setup to automatically START on boot. The only error message was "<Failed to Read Description. Error Code: 2 >".(The executable for Service is C:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exe -k netsvcs -p.) Although the Service is entitled Browser", I don't think it has anything to do with my choice to use the current Google Chrome browser build.

    thank you.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Addendum: January 17, 2020
    boy, was I mistaken....

    In my original post here on Ten Forums (see above), regarding errors (7000; 7009) in Event Viewer, I also referred to an error message for the "Browser" Service in W10.
    I DID find numerous entries searching Google by using the actual error message for the W10 "Browser" Service which which is "<Failed to Read Description. Error Code: 2 >".
    I have yet to find a solution to my W10 error concerns, but at least I have some suggestions via Google here:

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    Windows 10

    Hey bud
    Sorry you haven’t had a reply on this yet.

    I couldn’t get the link to work, so not managed to read anything from site yet, but from what you describe I might be able to give you a few pointers.

    I like using the software called ‘Currports’ as a live graphical monitor to figure out what IP address is what and where it’s going. It is basically Netstat in Windows.

    If you can’t get hold of Currports, use ‘Netstat’ instead, in the command prompt. It’s pretty good at monitoring listening live ports.
    Run the command prompt with admin, try this,

    C:\Windows>netstat /a 49152 I get up on my machine.

    I just read that this is Microsoft Remote Procedure Call, which I’ve never been able to turn off. Windows throws a wobbly without this on. is a dead ipv4 connection so nothings happening here. Its trying bless, but dead

    You also mentioned ‘Browser’ service.
    Goto ‘Control Panel’ in Windows and select ‘Administrative Tools’
    Once in there, you will see shortcuts for all the tools. If you can, right click each shortcut and verify any security issues in the permissions and rectify any problems you see 👍
    Like services.exe right click and check out all the permissions and remove anything you are dubious of.

    I am thinking this problem could have started from a duplicate package file system which has now mounted to a point where it’s basically loaded the wrong browser package file. We know which is the right one, but Windows can’t seem to work it out.

    There are also the HTTP settings to consider. From reading, the 49152 port is not authenticated or supported on the IANA network so any transmission will either get ignored or blocked.
    I know in Internet Explorer 11 you have the option of disabling ‘SPYD/3’ which could help some.

    Be methodical in your approach.

    So, with the things you mentioned earlier, I would just start by being your own private investigator.
    For me, Windows is just a file system with commands, same as others and I reckon with a few simple searches in Explorer, we can nail this

    I read your post and started doing some digging on my own machine. I started like this, searching in Explorer on the C drive.

    First place I went to was the prefetch folder,

    Local Disc C:/Windows/Prefetch

    Then I scrolled down until I could find a file called ‘Layout.ini’
    Open up the ‘Layout.ini’ file in Notepad. Then goto edit menu at top and click ‘find’

    My first search choice here is the word ‘Browser’ Then see what comes up.
    This should give you very first Windows Browser program that is loading up and this is what I found,


    Now we need to go back to Windows File explorer and locate the exe file.
    Once you are there, let’s right click the Browser_Broker file to properties and find out what file version it is.
    Our versions might not be the same. I found this exe version on my computer,

    Okies now go back into the ‘Layout.ini’ file and do a search for that very same exe version you just found.
    On my system, It looks like the file is running from the folder,


    Hehe you guessed it, let’s go and have a look in this Catroot folder and see what we can make of that.
    Now we’re in the Catroot folder we need to do a search for the package file we found in layout.ini.
    This is the location where I found the package file matching my version 11.0.18362.1


    So now let’s locate the Windows\SxS folder and hit the search again, adding the package number. This might take a little longer to fully search through.

    When search finished you should be able to locate every single package file that corresponds to the same version plus all those other duplicate package files in different languages which you really don’t need. I would delete everything that shouldn’t be there!!
    The amount of crap I found in here, I’m surprised Windows managed to load at all!! Hahah

    Sorry for waffling on and hope you manage to figure something out, good luck

    Edit: Because i did, and quite abit. Upgraded from a TV remote to a Wireless mouse, lovin it
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    W10x64 - v.1909 Build 18363.592
    Thread Starter

    REPLY to PLUGINZ post #2

    (Amended by Original Poster on 09.23.2020)

    I am going thru these steps again to see what I missed and/or what I may have done incorrectly. I went thru the *Control Panel/Administrative Tools, and right-clicked on each shortcut and examined the Security tab for each shortcut. *NOTE: Many Admin Tool shortcuts referred to .EXE files; however, some shortcuts referred to .MSC /S. I choose NOT to alter any permissions on any Security tabs that referred to .MSC /S files.

    *It appears each "System" principal of each tool is listed as the "Owner". The "Trusted Installer" principal is *no longer listed as a principal. Principals having Full Control are limited to "System" and "Administrators" of each tool or object. All other "Principals" listed in the Security tab were limited to 'Read and Execute' and 'Read access'.

    * However, I am not sure what I am actually doing when I make these changes, OR if the changes I am making are correct, needed, or incorrect. I have changed a "Trusted Installer" principal to "System" or "Administrator" principal in the past. However, I do not recall the "Trusted Installer" principal was then eliminated in those circumstances.
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