Computer won't wake up from sleep

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    windows 10 64b

    Black screen and cpu still running

    I have same problems but a bit different:
    If I use my laptop for under an hour and close the lid the laptop goes sleeping as it should. However if I use it for 1,5-5 hours in a row it doesn´t go to sleep at all. The monitor shuts down and all the programs f.e. stream stops but the power led stays on and I can hear the cooler running and it doesn´t stop until the battery is down. Also I am not able to get up and running at all after this happens, only the cooler is working and something is going on.

    What have I tried:
    - All the power settings are never shut down, hard disk, monitor etc.
    - Tried all those fn+screen..
    The only thing that solves the problem is the hard reset by pushing power button as long as the system turns off. Now there has been some update and the laptop really shuts down and all that was running are shutdown, before it sometimes went to sleep with that function and continued where it was stopped.

    It all started with the w10, it must have something to do with the software because it all happens after one hour or something like that, so something is wrong with the power settings but don´t know what.

    Glad of all your help!

    To add I have changed every settings that I have found to never, so battery, screen, hard disk etc. should never turn of.
    Yesterday I tried to shut down the system after 4h of use with the shut down from windows menu but the same problem, screen turns of and streams stops but the system stays on and eat´s the battery during the night.. MS really crashed my computer and it is really frustrating that I have to give a hard shut down every time I use the OS over 1 hour..
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    Windows 10

    Hey everyone. I had the same problem and I read your post on this thread and tried few thing when I noticed that some people suggested to turn the hybrid sleep ON and I was about to try it and I saw that it was already on. So I turned it OFF and my problem is solved the PC wakes up normally.
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    Windows 10

    Looking through the posts I see they've had problems with sleep from the beginning. I upgraded to 10 from 8 as soon as it was available and haven't had this or any other significant problem till one day I decided to do a clean install so I would have a later build and couls take advantage of the Unbuntu Linux environment that was supposed to be available. Besides isn't a clean install the best way to go? I built my system about a year ago it has Intel Core i3-3250 3.50GHz 2 LGA 1155 Processor BX80637I33250 on a
    ASUS P8B75-M/CSM LGA 1155 Intel B75 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard. It worked fine with win 10 till I did the clean install. I've tried about a dozen remedies that are posted all over, nothing has worked. Aren't Windows updates supposed to fix stuff like this. I've wasted many hours going through settings on the command line, in the control panel and their new settings interface. Sometimes I make a change in the control panel and it doesn't show up in the new interface. I get the impression that different teams of people work on parts of the OS that are responsible for doing the same stuff and no one talks to each other. I wonder if anyone's really in charge. Think of it it's just sleep, older versions of Windows had no problem implementing it, simple Linus systems to handle sleep but not win 10. Oh no it's a real challenge for Win 10.
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    window 10

    nights said:
    Didn't work.
    In some case, it's the PSU.
    My PC could not wake up from sleep in several years since the purchased date and I completely surrendered after several unsuccessfully try. It was cured few days ago. 1 month ago I had to upgrade PSU when I upgraded the GPU. I bought an 850w PSU on Ebay. With this new PSU, my PC could wake up from sleep but slowly and get to windows login screen everytime. But this new PSU dead after 30 days (fortunately it still in 30 days return policy). I went to Fry's by a new Lepa 1000w PSU then the wake up from sleep function failed again. I returned the Lepa and got a Raidmax RX1000AE. I'm now very happy. My PC wakes up very quickly w/o login screen. Hope this thread can help someone.
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    Windows 10

    I have a very simple "bear bones" low end system. After one year my Corsair 600m PSU died. I replaced it with a old 500 watt Thermaltake PSU, no change. I had already ordered a new 500 watt evga psu for another system I'm building so I tried that , no change. I'd read about the problem possibly being related to Microsofts new drivers for ATI graphics cards so I removed my ATI card and now use the on board video(not bad video) but that didn't change. I've tried many things that worked for the people who posted about them but none have worked so far. It seems that there are many "fixes" for this problem but no one fix that works for everyone.
    My problem started with a clean install to build 10586 420 hopefully it will go away with the next build. If only there were a Linux with a little nicer interface I would go with that.
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    windows 10

    Me: Checks screensaver on computer. Screen saver: Off. Sleep: Never
    ::::30 minutes later, Dark Screen::::
    Me: Clicks on start button
    Windows 10: “Hi! I’m your screensaver! Look how pretty I am! ”
    Me: Checks screensaver on computer. Screen saver: Off. Sleep: Never
    ::::5 minutes later, Dark Screen::::

    I'm ready to frisbee this thing.
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    windows 10

    Also, check "hibernation". It is under the "sleep" setting in the windows 10 settings. It will override your sleep settings. (Because that makes SO much sense....)
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    Similar Issue

    nights said:
    I hear the computer turn back on and the light is on, but the screen is still black. My mouse and keyboard are unresponsive (can't turn backlight on). I have to do a hard shut down. When it's back on, it's like it woke up from sleep mode, not a fresh restart....
    Issue: Could see the mouse, but screen would start to a blank screen.

    Fix: In “Power Options” went to “Choose what the power buttons do” Changed the when I press power buttons from sleep, to shut down. Also When I close the lid from sleep to Do Nothing. (Have a USB Dock & not using the laptop screen when attached to the dock). Lastly clicked the “Change settings that are currently unavailable”, & then in the shutdown setting section – unchecked the “Turn on fast startup”
    Resolved issue for me & others
    Computer won't wake up from sleep-power-settings.png
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    Windows 10

    Solved for Laptop!

    I have an ASUS X555L: My system won't turn off and neither restarts from sleep. if a worked for an hour it would shut down correclty, but if i were working for more hours, the system never shut down and if i closed the lid, it never wakes up again. (the CPU was still working with the tiny lights always On)

    This is how my problem got solved: I Read every solution here in other sites for about ONE YEAR, but i remembered one of them that talks about opening the Laptop, beacuase of Energy Issues. I disassembled the device and extracted the RAM first. Then, i opened it very carefully extracting the Battery screws and taking it out. i waited a few minutes and proceeded to put the battery back in place and assembly the Laptop again. I turned it on and Windows 10 started with a strange Date (probably the day when it started to get the problem: OCTOBER 2015). I waited 3 hours working til the battery got low (2,5 hrs) ... and GOOD NEWS!!, it was able to sleep and shut down properly. I tried it a lot of times with hibernation, Restarting it, put sleeping mode and it worked very well.

    I never tried this before because i was still in guarantee period, but once it finished, i took my laptop with No fear and did this. Its up to you if you dare to extract the intern battery and prove this option. I wish i could have been brave enough to do this a long time ago, but Hey, i solved this frustrating problem with my laptop and i hope i can help everyone with this.
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