I5, Win 10, 4Gig Ram, 64 Bit computer has been "lagging" for 3 years.

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    I5, Win 10, 4Gig Ram, 64 Bit computer has been "lagging" for 3 years.

    So, my computer has been having issues for 3+ years. I've had 2 accounts here. This one goes back to early 2017, I will post the discussions where I reference this issue. You really only need to read the first section - TY TY!

    WHAT IS THE PROBLEM (If you do not care about the story, here is the problem). The last section might help too. I will pay you to read - seriously:
    All of my resources feel "drained". The CPU, MEMORY or DISK (task manager) shoot up to 100%. The computer screen(monitor) 'glosses' over with a transparent white color. Whatever program I am running at that time typically says "(NOT RESPONDING)". The computer often slows to where the letters I type do not immediately "populate" on the screen, that make sense? This white gloss lasts 10 + min to - forever. On occasion it goes away in 1-2 min. Often times a dialogue box pops up during this time saying there was a bad crash or something and do I want to "END" the task/program or "WAIT"? Typically ending it takes me back to my desktop. When I look at task manager resources are STILL HIGH but eventually taper off. 60% of the time this error just locks everything up to the degree when I must attempt a soft reboot 1-20 times or a cold shut down - baZinga (plug out of wall). The problem most often occurs after WOW (Warcraft) is loaded (Described below). The problem typically occurs when the computer has been running for 15 + minutes often 30 + minutes or more. It boots ok and typically takes a bit of use for this problem to present itself. This is what bothers me: I just checked my Intel Drivers, Nvidia Drivers and all other drivers (I a not technical) person can think of. I ran MEMTEST this week, I ran a test for my HD this week, I ran the test for my CPU/GPU (from Invidia) and ALL TESTS ALWAYS pass with flying colors. Neither my CPU or Video card (GPU?) run hot. My internet connection IS FAST! I can download 3 programs, stream youtube, watch Netflix/hulu and numerous other things with little interruption until this error presents itself.

    The kid (my kid) has been playing WOW (Warcraft)for 10 years. The problem seems to almost always occur when WOW is loaded (85% of the time). When he plays WOW (Warcraft) his game lags to the point where the virtual environment around him takes 5 min to build - FPS drops to 10-15. Where as at a friends the same graphics on a slower CPU build in 5-10 seconds or instantly (literally). After loading WOW (no other MMO, Game, Program - not Adobe, not Fortenite, I've tried to recreate the error with many programs running dozens at once). It seems to mostly be WOW. I have over 100 hours logged with them. I gave out so much personal information about ISP/CPU/Data I was hacked (I talk about it here, in another post - 2017)

    Why not just DELETE WOW!
    The problem still does happen. This is not the sole or "primary" cause. However, something this program does and no other (Not eve, Startrek, Professional Audio/Video editing programs) nothing creates this resource vacuum as quickly as WOW. The KID has been playing it for 10 yrs. Neither of us have much. The problem mostly impacts him. Typically rebooting it seems to resolve it (for 30-40 minutes)

    WHY haven't you fixed it yet?
    Well, I have been asking here for 3 years. 1 problem seems to be "post and runners". They give a few line suggestion, mean well & have great intention. But then they go away. ANOTHER problem people who are amazing! They offer the typical/standard troubleshooting replies. This is persistent/'chronic'(long term & repetitive) issue. The bandaid fixes have been tried for 3 yrs. The real PROBLEM I can't tip anyone on this forum. There is no real incentive for them to dig in with me, I'd love to offer someone $100 now or donate to any charity on their behalf, I will but I believe I can not, it violates TOS?

    BUY a new computer
    I HAVE (sort of). To resolve this I have purchased a new HD, Video Card, PSU, RAM and been through 2 ISP providers with a NEW modem/router. I've spent $500 in 3 yrs.

    Why haven't you bought a new computer (REALLY?!!?!)?
    My computer is an I5, it works great when it works. Its not really broken. I am broken though, I have PTSD. Money is for food, school and the kid, not me. I earn enough but never for this, it should be a fixable problem too, I bet. Its I really do not have $400-600 to spend on a used one a bit faster. I have a 2tb HD, Win10 64 bit, NVIDIA GTX 1050 TI, newer great PSU new mouse/keyboard and all. Its a fine computer the kid uses it for school I use it as a glorified word processor and to surf the web. I do ebay/amazon.

    What have you done?
    Bought new HD, Ram, PSU, Videocard
    If you will help or have general out of the box thoughts, I can make a detailed list.
    I've been to bleeping computer, this site and similar ones for 3 years.
    I reinstalled/uninstalled windows multiple times
    I called the manufacturer (LEVNO - did I spell it right?)
    I RUN LITERALLY EVERY hard/software program I know of
    I spoke with mcaffee and many other virus/maleware people - bought their services too
    I update drivers
    I clean internal/external parts
    TALKED to microsoft
    POSTED ON the microsoft help group - THAT IS AWFUL people are too techy and their replies OMG.
    -- But I can implement them. However, I never get the same helper 2x. No one sticks with you
    and a million other things.

    What do you think it is, Tony
    Well, it is not a persistent trojan, work or virus. Unless it loaded itself into the ram then into the new HD or hid them hopped to the new HD.

    It might be the graphics card but all NVIDIA testing applications along with Intel say it is fine. The drivers are always updated, I have it plugged in tightly. BUT!!! I vaguely remember buying it 3 yrs ago when this began. I might be wrong. GPU resources never shoot up however the screen turns a transparent white (WTHeck is that?) might be video.

    Could it be a monitor? I do not know I am asking

    Whenever I ask about automatically updating all of me devices/DRIVERS on this forum I GET YELLED AT!!! Possibly there is a device or "thing" I am accidentally forgetting or not knowing about. Possibly something needs updated. I always update windows.

    MEMTEST says the ram is fine. This problem began with old ram and persisted after I bought new. However, the problem has something to do with lag/resources being eaten and slowness. Ram impacts speed right? Might it be ram related?

    No one has ever looked at my error log. I do not think many humans actually genuinely understand it. I have tens of thousands of errors, I believe. I bet if someone absolutely knew how to read it or knew where to look it would help. People here typically tell me to just ignore it errors there are common.

    Could it have to do with cache or temp files when the hard drive files? It often takes 20 min before occurring. When I shut it down or reboot, the error goes away. That has to have a bit of value right? Cleaning the chalk board also erases the problem for a long time - always for a bit.

    Did I change a setting? Heck I have no idea. Oddly in 3 yrs no one asks. Co-processors, bios and who knows, I never intended to. But I could have accidentally did it. But the computer has been set to "default", uninstalled and reinstalled many times. Is there a simple setting that might cause this?

    COULD IT BE THE MONITOR? The problem has persisted through 2 monitors though. But do you understand computers technically to a degree where you could see how it might cause the cpu to lag? How do I test it?

    Could it be the CPU?
    I forget the names but I ran many programs to test it, just ran the intel one and it passed/it passes. So it probably isn't right?


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    I do not know how to fix it. Ask me some questions that will help me and tell me which charity to donate $50-100 to. I have $50 on hand.
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    Wow. What a lenghty post. Anyway I think you should try pinpointing what is using your resources first. Maybe check with Process Monitor.

    Have you performed a CLEAN Windows installation ever? If not, I would backup all personal data and try it. Is this a clone pc or some brand? Where did you look for drivers? Windows Update drivers work mostly fine but you may need to open hardware manager and manually look for updates for several drivers (video, nic cards, audio, chipset (system), etc).
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    Which exact i5 do you have ? Judging by rest of it, it doesn't rally come out as "Gaming" computer. Although names may be same, game requirements change all the time and HW has to be upgraded too.
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    Invest the money in a SSD and up your RAM. Win 10 x64 is a Dog on a Mechanical with 4GB of RAM
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    Hmmm.... interesting.

    1) Open up the computer, and physically unplug the RAM from the motherboard. Now plug in one RAM, and start up the computer. (I think the computer should still start up with only one RAM stick). The computer will be a bit slower, but see if it starts hanging. If the problem continues, turn off the computer and remove that RAM stick from the motherboard. Plug in a different RAM stick into the motherboard, and start up the computer. Does the problem still happen?

    2) Set up your Details tab of Task Manager exactly like mine:
    (You can add those extra details on top by right clicking and pressing Select columns)
    I5, Win 10, 4Gig Ram, 64 Bit computer has been &quot;lagging&quot; for 3 years.-image.png
    Press the "Working set..." button so everything will be sorted by what is taking up the most memory. (Close any personal programs), then post a picture of it here.
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    windows 10

    If it's a 5400 spin speed hd it will do this as even opening a website take a lot of disk write. I had one last week spent 50 on SSD now it loads in 15seconds and no problems as suggested extra ram will also help
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