USB stick prevents boot since update to 1903 - and slowwwwwww performa Solved

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    USB stick prevents boot since update to 1903 - and slowwwwwww performa

    Hi out there,

    Surprise, surprise! Since (painfully) updating to 1903: several new problems.

    Two of the main ones:

    When having any USB stick plugged in, boot is halted almost after startup. Unplugging the stick(s) and hitting Enter resumes boot. Plugging USB stick(s) back in after boot makes them function normally.
    Judging from the several
    Internet pages o,n the same topic, this is already an old Windows quirk. But I never had it before the 1903 update... which was done after a totally and deep clean reinstall of Windows (what else is new with Windows updates?)

    But the preceding quirl is but a minor annoyance compared to the following, post 1903 update: the whole computer has slowed down to a snail crawl, keuboard and mouse reaction included, which gradually gets faster after half an hour or so, but never up to the pre-update level - and again I don't seem the only victim,of this marvellous new Microsoft enhancement.

    So, what am I to do? Please help me with a solution, with the second problem a priority.

    PS - I am now trying out the "solution" proposed by the Windows specialist in:
    But it is painfully slow, and I have not great confidence in the result...


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    It doesn't look as though that page you've linked relates to your problem. That page is mainly about a problem related to upgrading- which you've done.

    It doesn't seem the subsequent slowness is attributed to having a USB device plugged in- and it's about slowness in operation, not booting.

    Try looking in your BIOS and see if USB devices have boot priority. If so change that.

    Then try rebooting.

    That's your first concern.

    As to your second: post 1 or more screenshots of your task manager showing resource usage when you say your system is slow, organising columns of interest high to low.
    To post a screenshot please use the Insert Image icon above your post.

    How much free space do you have on C: ?
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    I did anyway the DISM.EXE + scannow Microsoft check as explained on the mentioned page. Everything was okay... except scannow which came up with some corrupted (and meanwhile repaired) elements. So that loooooong check was not completely useless.

    I will try to change the boot order. No problem. Seems logical. But why this suddenly started now and not with the previous build will remain a mystery.

    I didn't mean that the USB problem was in any way linked to point 2 - the perceived slowness, the only link being that both problems appeared after the 1903 update.

    By "resource usage" do you mean:
    - Processes? And in this CPU / Memory / Disk / Power Usage?
    And which column do you want me to favour?
    - Or Details?

    I'll do both, but they are of course quite unstable statistics, being renewed constantly...

    Finally: over my various HDs I have more than 2TB free space, with 384 GB of 587 GB free on C:
    Virtual memory is managed by Windows...

    USB stick prevents boot since update to 1903 - and slowwwwwww performa Attached Files
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    There's plenty of space on C: so that should be ok.

    In Task Performance 01 your CPU is at 34% but the column isn't high to low so can't see what's responsible.
    Something is using disk- 47% - but the column isn't high to low so can't see what's responsible.

    In Task Performance 02 & 03 - Something is using disk- 47% - but the column isn't high to low so can't see what's responsible. That's significant.

    Sorry, can't tell anything useful from those. Please organise the relevant column so we can see what's using resources.

    To organise a column high to low, click on its column header.

    Please post a screenshot like this as I asked:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Snap 2019-09-10 at 14.45.48.png 
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Size:	110.8 KB 
ID:	246891

    You can see the CPU usage is high to low.

    - using this:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Untitled.png 
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Size:	6.4 KB 
ID:	246892
    Once that's done, please perform a clean boot (Google if unsure) and compare performance. Thanks.
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    Task Performance Sequel High to Low.zipHere are Processes CPU / Memory Disk - high to low (first screens).
    Clean boot didn't show much difference. But... whether that Microsoft check (and probably scannow) did something good - machine seems a bit less sluggy now.

    When I open Cortana, I saw in Task Manager that it gobbles up a lot of power usage.

    However, regarding point 1 of my thread, changing the boot order in BIOS doesn't change anything. Boot still hangs momentarily on an active USB stick, and can only resume after it is unplugged. As usual, I'm not the only one confronted with such annoyances.

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    It seems your disk transfer rate- is low.
    For you 3MB/s = 50%.

    Have a look at these: note- I have used the Insert Image icon to place these conveniently in the post for you- not as an attachment.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	hdd to ssd.jpg 
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Size:	13.1 KB 
ID:	246898
    Copying from my HDD to SSD- limit is the HDD speed 100 MB/s
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	hdd.jpg 
Views:	2 
Size:	68.8 KB 
ID:	246899
    Copying from HDD to HDD

    And agreed, Hey Cortana -> Cortana uses a lot of CPU time. (I never use it).
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    Ah, well, the main HD is five years old...
    The external has just been bought and is much faster indeed.
    I'm thinking of buying an SSD to install the OS on. My Notebook is fully equipped with such SSDs (64 + 512) and works incredibly fast. So...
    But no time for such things as installations now. Have to finish an important work...

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    There are several threads discussing the issue of low transfer rate, so when you're ready, please search the site for those.
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    Many thanks. I will look up those threads.

    Speed has increased quite considerably meanwhile, but I'll wait until tomorrow morning to see if things keep up. The USB stick problem remains unresolved. Tomorrow, I'm buying a completely new stick, and will see how that one behaves (all sticks I tried out were used ones). Many users seem to struggle with the same problem...

    But let's consider meanwhile the present thread solved. Many thanks for your invaluable help and counsel.


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