Hi! I have recently upgraded my HP Laptop (of around 4 years old) to Windows 10 from 7. I have had very little to no problems while using it regularly and normally. However, as of today my laptop proceeds to freeze out of nowhere which lasts from a few seconds to a few minutes. Especially when I use an art program called Paint Tool Sai or go into my settings. The entire computer freezes, whereas I cannot even move my cursor (both mouse and trackpad). The computer catches up with my actions then freezes again.

I uninstalled software I didn't use, despite the fact that I have plenty of ram and memory to use. I also did a full system scan and got rid of 3 low-risk viruses and 1 high-risk virus. Even after (it just froze now and the only way out of it was by ctrl+alt+delete and opening task manager. it still froze while on the menu and it stopped once i opened task manager) cleaning my laptop up this problem still proceeds. I don't really wish to downgrade back to 7 but is that the case? Or is there the possibility that I still have a virus on my pc? All and any help is greatly appreciated!

as of now the settings option has disappeared from the start menu and nothing happens when I click "Search the web and Windows".