CPU fan running at full speed in Windows 10 Solved

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  1.    06 Aug 2015 #11

    Thank you all for taking the time to reply and thank you for your ideas.

    I want to say that I never meant to imply that Windows 10 had simply "decided" to increase the speed of the CPU fan. Logically, if the fan was speeding up it was because the CPU was working harder, which made its temperature go up, and it was trying to cool it down. I wanted to determine what was the cause of the increase in CPU utilization, which caused the increase in temperature, which in turn was causing the increase in fan speed, and I said it was something in Windows 10 because it didn't happen in the other operating systems I had worked with.

    I did try some of the things suggested:

    * I had noticed before that Cortana is always using up some memory, even though I did not enable it when I upgraded. So I did what Nus said and changed its folder name to prevent it from running.

    * I changed the "Updates from more than one place" option to OFF, as suggested by PRMan.

    * I even disabled the Windows Update service completely.

    * I tried looking for and updated graphics driver, as was suggested in another forum, but found none.

    However, none of those things was the cause of the problem. Checking the Task Manager I found two background processes called:

    From Microsoft Background Task Host


    From Microsoft Download/Upload Host

    These processes are both located in the C:\Windows\System32 folder and their files are backgroundTaskHost.exe and BackgroundTransferHost.exe, respectively. At the time of writing this I have no idea what they do or what they're for.

    All I know is that, normally, the CPU use in my computer is under 10% and whenever these two processes pop up, CPU use jumps to as much as 60 - 80% and remains in that range, even if I'm not doing anything else. Then, when I kill the processes, the CPU activity decreases and, naturally, the fan slows down.

    So, as much as I wanted to blame Cortana, she was not the wrongdoer... These two blokes are.

    In any case, does anybody know something about these two processes? How to disable them or prevent them from running, maybe? Even after I kill them, they briefly pop up in the Task Manager from time to time.

    Thanks again.
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  2.    06 Aug 2015 #12

    I had the same problem with my laptop but after deleting the windows old files it some how fixed this problem just use disk clean up and use the advance settings to delete these files safely
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  3.    06 Aug 2015 #13

    I will get rid of those files
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    Windows 10 Home
       09 Aug 2015 #14

    I have the same problem (fans at full speed) in my HP Pavilion Core i3. I think the root of the problem is the lack of an apropiate driver for the Intel Graphics HD (is not officially supported by Windows 10).
    Can anyone confirm that this problem has a solution?
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  5.    13 Aug 2015 #15

    Could find the "subscribe to thread" icon here so i'm posting...

    Have an HP EliteBook running to a purr on Win 7.
    Updating to Win 10 always went well but after a few updates, the fan is always running.
    Will try again and follow up on preview posts.

    Driver Booster at free level is very good to update many drivers.
    Was recommended by Matthew Moore (the now Arch Linux fan).
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    Windows 10 Home
       26 Aug 2015 #16

    tony910 said: View Post
    I will get rid of those files
    Hi Tony910.
    Any news about this problem? I still have the fans at full speed!
    I guess it is because of the lack of official support for my Intel HD Graphics video card.
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  7.    26 Aug 2015 #17


    tony910 said: View Post
    Hello, everyone.

    I have posted this in other forums, too, in the hopes of getting some ideas.

    I recently installed Windows 10 on a desktop computer and everything went as smoothly as it could have, with no problems at all. So, motivated by how well everything went with that computer, I decided to upgrade Windows on a laptop as well. The laptop is a Toshiba Satellite L855, with an Intel Core i3-2370M processor.

    The upgrade process on the laptop also completed successfully. Now both computers have Windows 10 and so far it has been running... fine.

    The only unusual thing I've noticed with the laptop is that the CPU fan wants to run at full speed all the time, even though the computer is never used for any "processor-intensive" tasks. The normal activity on it is browsing the web, watching videos, playing music, writing text files and really nothing more than that.

    I immediately found this odd and I have come to the conclusion that something in Windows 10 is responsible because:

    a) This never happened in Windows 7, which was the previous operating system the computer had, and

    b) This doesn't happen when I start the computer and go into a different operating system, namely Ubuntu.

    Well, thank you everybody for reading and please give some advice if you have any. Surely I'm not the only one who has run into this situation.
    Hi All,

    After several days of research I found a little bug with Windows 10.. For my system (and I recommend everyone check theirs), Windows 10 installed 2 graphic card drivers. I disabled one of the graphic cards (obviously the one that was non-existent in my system) and voila the fan stopped spinning. I've had the system running for 8 hours now, running office, chrome, YouTube etc etc.. not once has the fan spooled to full speed. I really hope this is the common problem and it fixes most of your systems guys, Good Luck!

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  8.    26 Aug 2015 #18

    I guess that Windows 10 uses prefetch like Windows 7 and 8 did and when you install a new OS the prefetch is constantly active for the first few hours / days. The extra hardware activity would keep the heat up. Just a thought.
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    Windows 10 Home 32 bit
       14 Oct 2015 #19

    Are you guy's serious???

    These issues with fan speeds at maximum have nothing to do with Cortana or any other running apps! For the majority of cases it's simply that after upgrading to Windows 10, no working fan controllers (drivers) have been installed for your motherboard.

    Any of you that built your own PC will likely remember that the first time you booted your newly built PC you had to install the motherboard drivers from the supplied software CD. In the majority of newer PC's these would have included a fan speed controller. The problem with Windows 10 as many of you know is that Windows Update downloads and installs the most appropriate drivers for your system but in reality as is often the case these drivers are NOT always appropriate. In many situations Windows update cannot find a newer driver and so you end up with an old outdated driver which may or may not support Windows 10.

    I have experienced this firsthand recently while performing a 'clean install' of Windows 10. Everything went fine with the one exception...., my fan was screaming along loudly at full speed. Unable to find an updated fan speed controller driver on the ASUS website I decided to test if the original driver would work but to my disappointment Windows 10 prompted with a message stating that the drivers were not compatible with this operating system. Hence therefore in the majority of cases above it's simply a case that your motherboard is not fully supported under the Windows 10 environment.

    Bizarrely however restoring my PC back to it's former 'Upgrade' configuration of Windows 10 does allow the fan speed controller to run as normal.

    Any of you who find yourself in this situation could perhaps try this software however please be aware I have not tested this myself. http://www.almico.com/speedfan.php
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  10.    12 Nov 2015 #20

    my fan is noisy
    it says 118-187% thats way higher than 20=-40 %
    what can I do
    Im not a techy
    Antilope said: View Post
    One thing that seemed to ramp up the CPU use and fan is a process called Runtime Broker. Run the Task Manager and see if that's the case on your systems. With the RTM version of Windows 10, Runtime Broker doesn't seem to misbehave like it did on earlier previews, at least on my computer. But some have reported it is still causing CPU use of 20% to 40% on their systems. If it is a problem, you can disable Runtime Broker in the registry. If anyone needs the detailed instructions for doing this, I will post them here on request.
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