Windows 10 shuts down out of the blue while hardware still on Solved

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    Actually, that's what I did 😂
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    My wife's computer was shutting down. Fist it was once in a week, than it began to happen once a day.
    I found out that it was the chipset (Z87) that was dying.
    Try fist (if your BIOS allow) to change base clock from 100MHz to 80Mhz.
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    That's another angle:
    Let's take a look at a few signs of a CMOS battery failure.

    • Incorrect computer date and time settings. ...
    • Your PC occasionally turns off or doesn't start.
    • Drivers stop working.
    • You may start to get errors while booting that say something like “CMOS checksum error” or “CMOS read error“.
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    So, it's not like the computer is shutting down. The case is still powered, only the OS closes, so I don't think it's hardware related.

    Also, none of the above symptoms have occured.

    So, I decided to do a test. It will most probably help us understand everything:
    I have an 1TB HDD that I have my Windows 10 and I will use my other 2 TB HDD to install a Linux OS (most probably Linux Mint? What's your opinion, maybe Ubuntu or Fedora, though I don't know any programming other some basic stuff in theory).

    So, I'll only be using Linux for a week (7 days) and if nothing happens, then it's the Windows 10 that has the problem. It'll be either the OS on its own, or some driver that conflicts with it (though I have the latest version of everything so it should have been fixed by now by some company).

    If it happens again, I'll check some 3rd party apps that may conflict with the drivers (though I don't think I have any, it won't harm to check again with the few linux apps that I'll have that can run on Windows 10 as well). If I find nothing with the apps (which will most probably be the case), it means it's the hardware.

    So, am I thinking this wrong? Is there anything else I should consider?

    PS: Guys really thanks for helping me out. The situation is annoying, but I'm glad you help and you advice me like that.
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    A fair enough idea- we already know there's no apparent issue when in Safe Mode (which would seem to discount anything CMOS-related).

    Also, given that you have a disk image of Windows, or can swap the drive, you can try a clean install of Win 10 and boot normally to that. If that works, it's not some incompatibility with Windows delivered drivers and your hardware, and you return to having to consider 3rd party/installed programs/configuration of your current build.
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    Manosman said: View Post
    So, it's not like the computer is shutting down. The case is still powered, only the OS closes, so I don't think it's hardware related.
    Is it like entering sleep mode that can't wake up?
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    There are log collectors used in another forum.
    Please run V2 and DM and upload into this thread.

    BSOD - Posting Instructions
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    Megahertz said: View Post
    Is it like entering sleep mode that can't wake up?
    Not really, the fans and everything work just fine (even the rgb). Only the OS shuts down (and so the keyboard, mouse, etc. since the OS doesn't work anymore).

    As for the second OS. I was thinking of using Linux since I want to try it anyway. So which Linux do you suggest me? I've already been told about Mint. What do you think?

    If everything works just fine, it means it's something about Windows. As for the 3rd party apps, I can't think of anything new I have (at least that I added the laat few months) that could cause such a problem. I may look around some apps and see if I find something though.
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    If you've upgraded Windows to another build, that could introduce an incompatibility. Similarly certain driver updates might.
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    Linux Mint is very good. I use Lubuntu. Lubuntu x64
    You don't need to install on a HDD, it will run from a USB flash disk.
    Mount the iso and extract all files and folders to a Fat32 USB flash disk (min 2G).
    Boot from it and choose: Try before install.
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