Web Browser Tabs (How many is too many?)

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    Web Browser Tabs (How many is too many?)

    Hi All,

    I'm new here, but I've had serious problems with W10 for a while and it seems to be related to how many tabs I have open in any web browser. It doesn't seem to matter which one. I've tried Chrome, FF, Edge. Just a few minutes ago Edge was using almost 10GB of RAM and 89% CPU usage, nearly crippling my computer. It said (79) after Microsoft Edge on Task Manager.

    How can I avoid this or can I set something to warn me if say more than 50 tabs are open (I keep a lot open).

    Thank you.
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    Impossible to answer as it depends on the contents of each Tab. 50 Tabs open is enormous.
    You can try switching off Page Prediction in Edge, and similar functionality in Other Browsers.
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    Most users only have 5-10 tabs open, each tab requires resources...
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    Ok, thanks guys! Does the 79 mean I have 79 tabs open or not necessarily? I wonder if there's a warning option somewhere for opening more than say 30 tabs. I can't tell how many I have open as they scroll off the edge.
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    Falcon73 said:
    Ok, thanks guys! Does the 79 mean I have 79 tabs open or not necessarily?
    When I open Edge with a new tab page and nothing else there are 9 processes, one of which is the new tab page. Each tab I open for a web page adds one to the total. So the 79 means you have 71 pages open in tabs plus the 8 other Edge processes.

    Click the > to the left of 'Microsoft Edge' to expand the list of processes, you'll see the title of the web page as the name of each tab process. Here I have Edge with two tabs open, both on TenForums, one on this thread.

    Web Browser Tabs (How many is too many?)-image.png
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    Hi there and welcome.

    I wonder why you have 79 open. Is it because they are sites you frequently visit and just haven't closed. I would find that number hard to keep track of. Most I've had is around 20.
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    Have a read:

    One Vivaldi Feature Microsoft Should Launch in Chromium Microsoft Edge Browser

    Tab Management Features | Vivaldi Browser

    Having hundreds of tabs open can be a drag on any machine. Use Tab Hibernation to put a tab (or group of tabs) to sleep until you need it.
    Or look at this:
    How do I reduce tabs in Chrome but save the sites for later reference - Page 3 - Windows 10 Forums

    If using that extension be aware that you can loose tabs after an extension update. So if installing the extension in chrome (or vivaldi) make sure that you manually update extensions and do not auto update them all in one go.


    How do I reduce tabs in Chrome but save the sites for later reference - Page 4 - Windows 10 Forums

    Personally I just have 1 - 3 tabs open and use bookmarks.
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    Why not just re-open closed tabs instead of keeping lots of them open?

    Web Browser Tabs (How many is too many?)-closed-tabs-vivaldi.jpg
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    Thanks again. Mostly it's due to me opening articles in my email newspaper or other links of interest to look at later. Most of the time I forget to do so, which leads me to the problem. I suppose just closing Edge totally every day would help, but I don't want to miss out.

    How do I get the closed tabs window you highlighted, Callender? I'm pretty new to Edge. I'm trying it as I got so frustrated with FF recently. I don't have the bar on the left and didn't find an icon that looked like it under the 3 dots.
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    Screenshots were from Vivaldi browser - not Edge. I don't know about closed tabs in Edge and I've actually uninstalled it.
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