Solutions for RAM issues

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    64bit Win 10 Pro ver 1809 Build 17763.379 and W10 Insider Build 18362 and 18860

    Here is a typical task manager screenshot for a test system with 4GB RAM. I have Mail and Edge running as you can see. I would expect that you should have had at least one of your screenshots showing less than 10% CPU.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2019-02-18.png 
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ID:	224825

    Note: if you click on the CPU header inside Task Manager it will sort your tasks in order of CPU usage. Then you can identify what is consuming all that CPU activity.
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    Can you do one more task manager screenshot please- after you have done a clean boot:
    Perform a Clean Boot in Windows 10 to Troubleshoot Software Conflicts | Tutorials

    You have a plethora - a veritable cornucopia - of security programs running - on a limited machine.
    IObit Malware Fighter
    Advanced Systemcare

    and you are running both
    Process Lassoo
    and Wise memory optimiser

    I also see dmextoolmenu.exe part of Glary Utilities to clean and optimise.
    You need to eliminate any background cleaning processes.

    Of all of those at most you should have one security program - and on a limited system I'd suggest not even that - use Defender.

    Your desktop gadgets are periodically CPU hungry - inefficient- what do you use them for?

    Your Skype app in the first uses 505Mb RAM and 5% CPU.

    Stop Driver Booster running at startup or remove it.

    Most of the screenshots do not contain a column organised high to low- RAM use is of interest but I can't see what's using most of it. You are using 70-80% of RAM or more - presumably even before opening a browser, so you must reduce what's launched at startup.

    Pinclipboard will probably be redundant with 1809 as that includes clipboard history.
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    Yep that is a boat load a crap installed
    Just IOBit product probably needs a clean install to get rid of completely :)
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    windows 10 professional version 1607 build 14393.969 64 bit

    When uninstalling software you often can use control panel.
    Some of the software have their own uninstall tools: iobit, norton, malwarebytes, etc.
    Driver software can uninstall unknown files and it is best not to use them.
    The best tested drivers are displayed on the computer or motherboard manufacturer websites.
    The opening post indicated that there was not yet a prompt to upgrade or an automatic upgrade to 1809.

    There are various methods to work up the problem.

    It seems that backing up files to another drive or the cloud followed by a clean install should give you the best working computer environment.

    Clean Install Windows 10 | Tutorials

    Download Windows 10 ISO File | Tutorials

    Download Windows 10
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    You should uninstall all added 'maintenance' software such as those I've listed, and aim to have CPU use under 3% when idle after logging in.

    If this proves impossible, given the history, consider a clean install.
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    W10 Home 1803 / Virtual Box / Linux Mint VM

    In addition to the good advice given about uninstalling all the security/cleaning bloat you have and relying on WD, go to the search box bottom left corner, type in start and go to startup tasks at the top of the list, and turn off things like skype and any other non essential apps, especially any with high impact.
    You won't stop them working, just stop them loading at start and consuming background resources whilst not being used.

    If you run as lean as possible you shouldn't suffer excessive slowdowns.

    Switching to metered connection can help a bit there too, thins out some of the superfluous background activity, and stops most MS updates occurring at inopportune moments. - Portable software for USB, portable, and cloud drives
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    Windows 10 Home 64-bit and ANDROID Lollipop
    Thread Starter

    There are so many issues to respond to. Some initial responses follow and I will send the screenshot requested next time --- I did try to do it as asked, but suspected I might not have got it right in some shots.
    As I said earlier, my Norton sub is expiring in a few days and will not be renewed, as I am going to try Defender instead. Malwarebytes has only just been renewed.
    I know that some programs / services may run in the background without me knowing, although I have disabled many. Some of the programs described as 'running' I did not think were running as I opt for activating them manually only when I want them, such as IOB Malware Fighter which is part of ASC Pro anyway. I pay for and have found ASC valuable for several years (I still use an old free version on my XP machine.) It is ASC Performance Manager which alerts me to RAM usage and enables me to clean it when necessary. I usually uninstall programs (which don't have their own uninstaller) with either IOB or Wise Uninstaller (I know I don't need both but have been checking to see which is best as both have been recommended to me). Lasso and Wise Memory Cleaner are only very recent (temporary) additions after wanting to find how to improve Memory usage. I mentioned Lasso earlier and said I had not experienced any benefit from it yet, perhaps because I was not using it right, as it is complicated --- I have been intending to uninstall it if I did not come across advice on why I should keep it. As several programs were only installed after the high RAM & CPU usage started to concern me, they could not have contributed to the original issues. I think CPU has been high from when I bought the machine three years ago, unless I remember wrongly.

    I rarely use Skype. But have not yet found it to disable it! When something is disabled can it still affect RAM usage, if not does it need to be uninstalled?

    dmextoolmenu.exe is not a cleaner from Glary, it is an enhancer for File Explorer providing a number of additional options for the Explorer menu.
    I have not been able to get any response from the manufacturer(s) regarding new drivers, etc. Hence my use of Booster, which seemed the best of the ones I tried and is also part of ASC Pro. The native Windows driver updating procedure has proved not to be reliable.

    Regarding Gadgets the key ones I rely on are (1) Clipboarder (which as has been said may be redundant after 'October' ---I hope I don't have to wait until October 2019) (2) a much needed battery monitor, better than the ones I found in the Store (3) a good Drive manager which helps me to keep Drive C storage from falling too low, an essential task on a 'small storage' device. CopyPin, not a Gadget, was installed to see if it would compensate for a weakness of Clipboarder and again should be redundant after October update. One thing I would like to find out is if I can run the Gadgets without having Windows Sidebar installed, as memory may be used by it rather than by the individual Gadgets themselves. I had other Gadgets which were solely for convenience so I uninstalled them. I don't use time, date, weather Gadgets etc.

    I think this is enough from me. I will try and sort out the screenshot next. I do very much appreciate all the help being offered.
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    Windows 10 Home 64-bit and ANDROID Lollipop
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Screenshot (15).png 
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ID:	224921Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Screenshot (16).png 
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Size:	220.0 KB 
ID:	224926 I hope these are what you want but if not please let me know. A couple of points I have noticed are (1) the high usage by Gadgets even though there are no Gadgets running, I deleted any that were displayed on the Desktop ---which suggests to me that the issue is not with the Gadgets themselves but with the Sidebar, which I asked about earlier (2) the IOB Malware Fighter also shows high usage even though I disabled it --- I have not wanted it to run while I have Norton and Malwarebytes activated, but have tried to use it in the way suggested for Defender ie. run occasionally as an extra check, or not at all. But if it still uses a large amount of memory in the background when it has not been activated it must be a candidate for the chop. Your comments?

    I thought I should mention Start up speed. I have not had an issue with this, as anything below 60 seconds is good enough for me. Perhaps this is because I compare it with my previous XP Laptop with its mechanical HD, plus I knew when I bought my current Tablet PC its specifications meant it would not be especially fast.
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    Hi, two more disposable items there- Pegasun- apparently another optimiser suite- and you have something from McAfee.

    I've suggested you can try a clean boot for comparison, but really you should start uninstalling the unnecessary and problematic morass of security and optimisation suites.
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    Windows 10 Home 64-bit and ANDROID Lollipop
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    I have uninstalled Skype, Drive Booster, Malware Fighter, Lasso; and all the MacAfee stuff which I did not ask for in the first place (I recall from way back that MacAfee had a reputation for this). Plus I think a few others I can't recall at the moment.

    Pegasus is a manager suite but I only use the Cleaner which is by far the best cleaner I have found ---- even better than CCleaner which I also use. I removed Ashampoo a couple of weeks ago, after many years, although I did find it fairly useful at times and I still have it on my XP
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