W10 responding very slooooow to create new folder - Solved

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    Windows 10 home Version 10.0.10586 Build 10586
       4 Weeks Ago #1

    W10 responding very slooooow to create new folder -

    Only difference is that I have installed a couple of drives - probably not germane to this discussion.
    Now when I right-click on a folder to add a sub-folder I get a long delay. 15-40 seconds or never. This is annoying and wasn't an issue during my 20 years or so of using Windows. What's going on and how can I get my performance back?
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    Boot computer into Safe Mode to see issue resolves if it does do a clean boot.

    I would like to have you run a Clean Boot.

    How to perform a Clean Boot.

    Warning: Disabling items in Services or Startup may leave your antivirus disabled until the process is ended. For this reason I would suggest that you perform this process off line.

    Press the keys to open Run, then type msconfig in the search box. This will open System Configuration.

    If you are prompted for an administrator password or for confirmation, you should enter the password or provide confirmation.

    (1) Click/tap on the General tab.

    (2) Click/tap on the Selective startup option.

    (3) Remove the check mark in the Load startup items check box.

    4. Click on the Services tab.

    5. Place a check mark in the Hide all Microsoft services check box, this will remove the Microsoft Services from the list but will still be running.

    6. Click Disable all, this will remove all of the check marks in the Services list.

    7. Click on Apply then OK

    Click on Restart in the window that opens.

    When the computer is restarted it will boot normally.

    If the problem does not continue after the restart please do the following.

    8. Divide the number of these startup services and programs by two and you place checks in the first half of these, then restart the computer.

    9. If the problem doesn't return in those services and programs remove the checks and place checks in the remaining services and programs and restart the computer.

    10. When you find which half the service or program is in go on to the next step.

    11. The half which has the service causing this problem remove half of the checks as you did previously to see which half has this service. Do the same for the programs. Restart the computer.

    12. If it isn't in the first half of these services and programs, do the same with the last half of the services and programs.

    13. Once you have narrowed it down to the last three or four services and programs remove the checks one at a time till you find the service or program at fault.

    Once you have found the service or program post it in your topic. Do not take any action until I suggest the next step.
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    Windows 10 home Version 10.0.10586 Build 10586
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       3 Weeks Ago #3

    I have problems even getting to Safe Mode. Using the Tenforums tutorial I get to Step 5 shown below and when I click on Restart my computer shuts down completely (doesn't restart). I've waited several minutes thinking maybe a delay but it doesn't restart.

    I always can press the on/off switch on the computer to get it to reboot and it'll boot back into Windows. But I'm no longer getting the flash during boot that tells what to hit to get to my BIOS settings. I don't recalll whether it's esc, F10, F12 or whatever. I've tried several but can't get to my BIOS settings.

    How should I proceed? I can provide screenshots once in W10 or take a camera photo outside Windows.


    5. Click/tap on Restart. (see screenshot below)

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    You can try the clean boot state without booting Windows into Safe mode.
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    Windows 10 home Version 10.0.10586 Build 10586
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    FreeBooter said: View Post
    You can try the clean boot state without booting Windows into Safe mode.
    I followed your detailed instructions verbatim and the problem continues after restart. A block appears in the "load system services" box so I manually remove the black box to make that option empty. One difference from what you detail is that after disabling all and hitting OK there are three Avast services that reappear. I manually remove those check marks before hitting the restart button.

    The problem continues.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Avast could be causing the issue you should uninstall Avast to see issue resolves.
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    Windows 10 home Version 10.0.10586 Build 10586
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       3 Weeks Ago #7

    Bigger problems. Now the computer won't start at all (I'm working from my laptop). The last thing that I tried was to go to msconfig and choose the second tab (Boot) and select safe mode. Then hit restart and the computer shut down and won't restart. I unplugged from the power cord to try to reset and it still won't restart. It does initiate something as the on-board LEDs flash for a while then nothing. I have a windows rescue disc that I've never used until now and it won't boot from that either. The DVD drive spins for a while but nothing comes up on the monitor. one quick beep from the box as soon as I turn it on but no additional diagnostic beeps. It just spins the DVD for a while then stops - nothing on the monitor.

    As mentioned earlier I also cannot get to BIOS setup. I think that "boot from DVD" is in the startup chain after the HDD option but I'm not sure.

    I'm thinking that I may need to start a new thread for this because it is much different from the thread title. Any advice is appreciated.
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    There is not much we can do if you cannot boot from Windows setup DVD. You can force Windows Recovery Environment by powering on your computer and soon as Windows try to boot force shutdown with power button you need to do this few times.
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    Windows 10 home Version 10.0.10586 Build 10586
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    I got my computer back by disconnecting everything except the monitor. I apparently have some kind of hardware problem external to the main box. But I still have the slow response in Windows Explorer mentioned in my starting thread.

    Any advice on how to diagnose my computer problems or is this beyond the Windows (software) forum here?
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    Windows 10 home Version 10.0.10586 Build 10586
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    Further thought....

    The scary problem (when my computer wouldn't start) seems to be the way that Windows handles the hardware rather than the hardware itself. With all external devices removed except monitor, mouse, and keyboard the computer now boots normally showing the manufacturer splash screen and BIOS opening option. I did a chkdsk and there were no bad sectors found.

    Back in the old days there was something like hardware conflicts where two pieces of hardware tried to share the same space or something like that. Is there some utility to check for hardware conflicts or is that even a possibility with W10? Is a good approach for me at this point to repair or reinstall Windows?

    I'm tempted to simply reinstall the external devices one by one until I find the one that is problematic, But then I'm still left with the slow response problem that started this thread and which I continue to have even with all my extraneous hardware removed.
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