This has happened twice now - at least only twice I'm aware of, but probably more often.

Basically what happens CPU usage jumps to 100%. Looking at task manager I see 70% or more cpu usage from WMIC (WmiPrvSE.exe). Checking Event Viewer Analytic and Debug Logs for WMI-Activity - Operational I see lots of errors (which are subsequently deleted so tricky to capture) for a search of process named LeagueClientUX.exe (League of Legends game client - which I have never played and is not on my pc). When I went back into task manager and changed view/sorting I saw almost a hundred of these cmd.exe calls to search for the League client.

I'm thinking it seems to happen at a particular time so I checked task scheduler to see if I could determine something there, but, alas, I found nothing.

Rebooting seems to stop it, but I'd rather get to the source to prevent it.

I've run all my av/am tools and they find nothing. Has anyone else seen this? If so how did you stop it?

Thanks, Steve

P.S. I'll try to monitor it and see if I can capture a message from the event log before it gets deleted - Yes I can see the events (which return 5858) and watch them all become "deleted event" until they are all gone.