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If you have installed Windows 10 on an older computer you may have some issues with the 'Right Click' context menu.

I was trying to right click videos and images, and it was a hit and miss affair.
Sometimes images would take a few seconds to load the 'Right Click' menu and with videos, it wasn't working at all.

The bigger the menu, the slower it will react - especially on older/slower computers.

Don't worry - Help is at hand.

The free program (link at the top and bottom of this post) can help fix this problem.
Follow the instructions on that page and download the small program.
The download link is at the bottom of the (long) page and is easy to miss if you want the English version.

For me, I suspect it was the 'PicaView' add on from ACDSee that was adding to my right click woes.
Anyway, I disabled some of these context menu items, rebooted and now, everything works just dandy!

Reversing the process is easy so don't worry if you have a menu item that has disappeared and you want it back later on.

I'm no expert, but this fix certainly helped me out.
Maybe it can do the same for you.