Very slow boot and general overall low speed. Solved

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    windows 10 professional version 1607 build 14393.969 64 bit

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    The computer was sold as a desktop. It has a desktop case but it's a sheep in wolves clothing. It's a con/scam. The mother board is for a laptop, and it uses an external power supply - there's plenty of space inside!

    For interest, read this:
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    Never mind, I will copy and paste it:

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    10 Sep 2017

    Re: The HP PC

    Quote Originally Posted by Syncopator - 10 Sep 2017 12:57

    I bought it in February last year direct from HP in Bracknell, with windows 8.1 installed.

    Some time after having Windows 10 forced upon me. Happened to find out that there were two RAM cards, each of ... was it 2 or 4GB ... can't remember. Acording to HP's specifications it should have had only one card.

    I looked inside and found they were of diffeent brands. I think Samsung and another brand. (My biological RAM isn't as reliable as it once was.)

    Discussion on a forum (Ten forums?) suggested that the extra RAM was put in by a previous, albeit temporary, owner, who forgot to remove it when the machine was returned to HP.

    After a long delay at HP (I think I had to ask them for a reply) they came back and said the machine wasn't a retuned one and they had no knowledge of how the additonal RAM made its way into it. Yeah, and Jesus was a German.


    I had a brief look thru some of your previous posts on Tenforums earlier today, didn't notice the extra RAM discussion, but I didn't read every post.

    Forgive me for saying this, but I don't think you will ever be happy with the HP machine - like a problem car, you will find it hard to ever be confident about the machine. You feel that both HP and Microsoft have let you down.

    I agree with your analysis in your last Paragraph. It was possibly a refurbished return, and it's unlikely that HP would ever mix different memory sticks. People, on the other hand, make mistakes and lie about making them.

    Still, since the PC all seems to free of crucial errors in HDD and RAM, I wonder if the other hardware checks out OK? Especially the Optical drive that seems to be a DVD RW SATA device.

    One noticeable thing stands out from your former posts regarding antimalware. You seem to think that third party and paid AV tools will protect you more than the inbuilt Microsoft stuff will.

    This is very doubtful. The first defence is sensible browsing and downloading using a secure, up-to-date Browser, of which Internet Explorer is a poor example. Edge is better, but my preference is Chrome Canary, which is updated almost daily.

    The other way for malware to get onto a computer is through email, which I always access only through my browser. Even the Action Centre notifications in Windows 10 will open Windows Mail in an unsafe way.

    My preferred way to not even see admail on web pages or in Mail and avoid other potentially harmful or invasive malware is using a modified hosts file. This redirects incoming and outgoing internet traffic to a localhost loop address, if the address involved is on a blacklist (i.e., a site or address on the modified hosts file, so that the in and outgoing data and requests goes down a black hole on your machine.) Thus misleading and offensive adverts fail to show on your screen and thus you cannot accidentally click a link to anything harmful (even if you could, the link would be blocked instead of a request leaving your machine.)

    A full description of this plus free access to modified host files may be found here:

    I could not discuss this on tenforums because discussing advert blocking software is forbidden by rule 13 of the site - because the forum hosting software requires advertising for its revenues - it does not affect logged-on members, who should see no adverts, good or evil.

    If using Windows 10, the Windows Malicious software removal tool and Windows Defender never cause conflicts with the functionality of Windows in the way that third party antivirus programs can, and regularly do, even those that are well respected like ESET. The bundled McAfee from HP almost always does cause problems.

    The only other antimalware I run, is the free Malwarebytes trial software to perform an occasional scan every 2-3 months, not the ransomware version which was rushed and buggy.

    It's your choice, but if Microsoft's bundled security product updates, regularly updated (often more than twice every 24h), were not working, Microsoft would have seen specific criticisms over the past few years over letting malware in.

    No such challenges have been made, not even for the WannaCrypt event earlier this year, except for machines running Windows 7, many of them not regularly updated for the Microsoft Security Essentials (==Windows Defender in 8 and 10), or any other updates since SP1. (Reason, reinstalled Windows 7 SP1 has possibly a day or two of hundreds of important and critical updates before it is usable and safe - folks didn't bother, and worse, turned off updates, and got infected.)

    I hope you sort things out to your satisfaction, and that TF, or SevenForums continues to help you out in the future.
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    The computer will still not boot from the USB drive. I am about to throw in the towel. I am going to search for a cheap refurbished computer to replace this one.
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    windows 10 professional version 1607 build 14393.969 64 bit

    These are some troubleshooting steps for problems booting from a USB drive:

    Boot from USB Drive on Windows 10 PC Windows 10 Installation Upgrade Tutorials:
    Boot from USB Drive on Windows 10 PC | Windows 10 Tutorials

    If you have fast boot or ultra fast boot enabled in your UEFI firmware settings, then you will need to temporarily disable fast boot or ultra fast boot to be able to boot from a USB.
    How to Enable Fast Boot or Ultra Fast Boot in UEFI Firmware Settings for Windows:
    Enable or Disable Fast Boot in UEFI Firmware Settings for Windows | Windows 10 Tutorials

    1. Try another USB stick
    2. Try all USB ports (2.0 and 3.0)
    3. Maybe when using UEFI Bios you have to temporarily switch to Legacy in BIOS settings
    4. Turn off temporarily fast boot, secure boot, CSM if enabled
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    I must thank everyone who has tried to help. I really appreciate the time you have all invested in trying to solve this problem (problems?). I have just taken delivery of a refurbished Dell Optiplex 290 from a MIcrosoft approved refubisher. I will start migrating my files to the external hard drive this evening. Once that is accomplished and the new machine fired up I will destroy the hard disc from this one and deliver the whole thing to the refuse collection centre. Once again, many thanks gentlemen.It makes sense for me to mark this thread as solved.
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    You may wish to keep your drive for things like data backups or image backups.

    Good luck with your new device.
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