100% disk, tried everything

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    100% disk, tried everything

    Hello to everyone, this is my first post.

    I've been using W10 for over a year and so far i've managed to keep the performance up without having to write on forums for help.

    Recently, i've been having disc issues, Registry process in task manager - which i never noticed before but now it's like something is using the Registry all the time and the System process.

    1. Disabled Superfetch
    2. Disabled Windows Search
    3. Disabled Win. Defender
    4. Best performance in advanced tab in computer properties.
    5. High performance power setting
    6. Every other possible windows 10 tweak to boost performance.
    7. I scanned for viruses, rootkits, worms, adware, i have no toolbars on my browsers, etc.
    8. Disk health is at 100% - i checked with multiple diagnostic tools.

    My windows was extremely responsive...........
    Windows update is disabled permanently but i keep the windows updated manually, it's up to date.

    I have here two SS of what my computer looks like when idle, if i play WOW the spikes go up to 100% instead of just 50% so they go up to 100% and then drop to 0%

    It's impossible to play any games.

    100% disk, tried everything-1.png100% disk, tried everything-2.png
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    Another idle screenshot

    100% disk, tried everything-3.png100% disk, tried everything-34.png

    Came back to this after going afk, system is supposed to be "idle"
    Had no running apps except opera with 3 tabs open.
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    Seems to be working fine now, i see more ram in use. It was like the system was not using the ram before so was accessing the same data from the HDD over and over.

    edit: problem still persisting. 100% spikes when idle
    Last edited by Atramedes; 03 Jul 2018 at 05:24.
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    Can't edit my posts i see, this is an update.

    CrystalDiskInfo shows me 45 degrees on my hdds, this could be a cause. I'll install a cooler and see what changes.

    Also, the write speed is 0.1mb/s when it's at 100% in task manager...
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    Have you identified which proccesses are using the disk?
    A few days ago I was dealing with a similar issue on a very ancient laptop. Disk usage was skyrocketing when:
    - Activating Internet
    - Applying Windows Updates (installing Windows Defender definitions was a nightmare).
    - Some autoupdates (OneDrive installation was hellish). Office's click to run too.

    Check your swap file usage. Check your drivers for updates (specially chipset and SATA).
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    The problem appears to be related to a very low maximum transfer rate.

    There have been some previous posts where this has been seen.
    Windows 10 100% Disk Usage, constant spiking Solved - Windows 10 Forums
    Disk usage 100% please help Solved - Page 5 - Windows 10 Forums

    You can find more by searching for
    100% disk
    slow transfer rate
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    I reinstalled Windows before you guys posted, i just couldn't stand it.

    At first i thought the hard disks were too hot so i installed a powerful 25 watt fan that is plugged directly into the power socket and was venting over the open case directly on the hard drives.

    All drivers were updated, computer is not low on resources. I'm running on an AMD FX-8370 overclocked to 4.4, 8 gb ram 1866, etc u can see the specs in the print screens. All optimizations recommended by wisecare360.

    Disk was/is in perfect health, temp was down to 20 degrees, Registry process was used frequently by who knows what? System was overusing the hard disk, very low ram usage as if the ram was not being used and the System was accessing the same data from the HDD over and over.

    HDD problem came after a recent windows update, previous to that my boot time was 12 sec, windows was extremely responsive, lightning fast.

    Now i'm using a fresh windows 10, updates completely disabled, installed with INTERNET cable unplugged so it couldn't get even 1 bit of update. Boot time is now 10 seconds, hard drives are working perfectly at 40 degrees.

    Thanks for posting, sorry i couldn't wait to troubleshoot but i really did try everything. I did read those topics that you linked, in one of them the HDD was failing ( not the case here ). The other topic was related to an outdated bios, my bios is up to date.

    I really truly think this was caused by a recent windows update, there's no other explanation. I was seriously considering to install a windows 7, which never failed me and is super light-weight but i'm giving 10 another try.

    Thanks again guys.
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    Win 10 Pro (1903)

    If it occurs again, as I said there are other threads with that symptom, but mostly not with 1803.
    I really truly think this was caused by a recent windows update,
    - you can test that by uninstalling updates, of course.
    - but you'll probably only get one cumulative update after the clean install.

    If you didn't have that problem in 1709, but do with 1803, then yes, could be some driver or other update. 1803 is problematic for some (as you can see from my specs I've not upgraded yet!)

    Best way to secure your current state and save reinstalling is... to use disk imaging routinely as we constantly recommend. E.g. Macrium Reflect (free) + external storage for disk image sets.
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    Do a full Macrium Reflect backup and let it update. Then, you can compare afterwards.
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    The transfer rate would be a bottleneck if the 'enable write caching on the device' policy is not checked which I believe is standard checked.
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