As the title says when ever i use Cyberlink Powerdirector 15 as soon as i click the x to exit program it resets my power scheme changing screen timeout and changing my ssd idle time to 0 if i wanted it to be 0 i would set it my self, how do i prevent PWD15 from doing what i consider an illegal action i mean what Brainiac at Cyberlink Development came up with the idea that changing my plan settings when the program quits will make it work much better i use dual screen and find the screen timeout darn annoying do i really need to "hack" my reg to make it stick or use the gpedit.msc to prevent changes i really have a hard time accepting that as a solution Cyberlinks response so far ................. 1 year later upgrade to the new PWD 17 and see all the improvements me made and it not even a joke that is how they do it.
ill provide a log file
hmm when i went to copy the error i noticed 2 new resets but this time from 2 MS programs for 3 months now all i have seen in the event viewer was this
Process C:\Program Files\CyberLink\PowerDirector15\PDR.exe (process ID:1736) reset policy scheme from {4cbed35f-1391-4afc-97bc-0c375ebf2220} to {4cbed35f-1391-4afc-97bc-0c375ebf2220}

i give up