Just wondering if anyone has a Win10 desktop that actually wakes up overnight, does automatic maintenance and then goes back to sleep. My PC has never done it. Auto maintenance does run if I stop using my computer and let it idle.

According to Microsoft, if one uses the default hybrid sleep power setting, auto maintenance should run at 2AM without the need for any user intervention. I'm using that -- display off in 10 minutes, hybrid sleep in 20 minutes, hibernation off and wake timers enabled. In System and Maintenance, the box is checked to allow the computer to wake up at 2AM.

"Powercfg -wake timers" shows no active wake timers enabled on my system. In Task Scheduler, checking conditions for maintenance, defrag and Windows Defender, all of the boxes to wake the computer to run the task are unchecked by default. MS says I shouldn't need to touch those. I tried a test enabling them and still no active wake timers or overnight maintenance.

I know I can create customized tasks, but I shouldn't have to. It's not the end of the world, but it would be a lot more convenient if it would work. I did check Brink's excellent tutorials on automatic maintenance and I appear to be doing everything correctly.

Any ideas or is this just another one of those strange Windows 10 things?