Hello All,

Am having some problems lately after making out a new installation of Windows version 1803 (OS Build 17134.48).

I have an SSD where I have the Windows 10 x64-bit Operating System exclusively and to this is attached a 2 TB Hitachi HDD where I store all else.

The system configuration is not working fine; it invariably freezes without any message whatsoever, especially when surfing or playing a video. It was also faltering at using the Keyboard or the Mouse which just gets stuck and won't budge or refuse to write. I updated the Logitech (wireless) Combi drivers which helped a little as it continues to do so, but much less frequently. During a work day I need the crowbar method 10 - 15 times to shutdown and then restart the system and this is really exasperating.

Would really appreciate some help. Should you require more status information, this can also be made available from Speccy.

Best regards,