Hello, I will try to make this as short as I can. I was using windows 7 and playing all my games decent, never had a game I bought a game I couldnt play with some settings tweaks. (I play minecraft and games like that but my pc is good enough to run better games like far cry 4). I am also a streamer and a very small one at that and never had issues doing so. However when I saw the chance to grab windows 10 everything went downhill. At first I was just having little errors so I factory reset to a clean windows 10. I then got all my important files like virus protectors and drivers, etc. This didnt seem to help whatsoever. Every game (im not exaggerating) that I play is seeing a FPS loss and performance loss in some way even if only 5FPS. This, as you could imagine, is a problem. I cant stream either because then the performance gets even worse making my games unplayable. None of my 10 other friends who have upgraded have any issues and im the lone wolf here. It cant really be much else I can think of because I wiped my PC with the factory windows 10. Heres my specs that I know if it helps.
CPU- i5-2500k 4 core 3.30Ghz
Hardrive-1 terra
Any help is appreciated considering until its fixed I cant stream and I also cant play my games with full enjoyment.